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3 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Waterfront Property

Beautiful Sunset View With Condos And Hotels Lined Up By The Beach

If you’re looking to buy real estate in Florida, you’re not alone — with the sunshine state attracting more than 100 million visitors annually, more and more people are deciding to make Florida their home. But if you’re considering beach houses or other waterfront properties in Fort Lauderdale, then there are a few things to know first. So let’s take a look at a few tips that will help you find the perfect waterfront property.

Know the homeowner’s association regulations: Many waterfront properties are part of a homeowner’s association. And while there are many benefits to being part of a homeowner’s association, there are also usually a lot of strict regulations you’ll have to follow. Rules and regulations may include things like lawn care, house maintenance, and more. So when you’re looking at waterfront properties in Fort Lauderdale, make sure you ask about a homeowner’s association before you buy so you can understand what your responsibilities as a homeowner will be.

Understand how much property is yours: One of the biggest misunderstandings about oceanfront condos, beach homes, and other waterfront property is that all of the land leading up to the water belongs to the homeowner. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. Some waterfront properties may have a strip of land directly in front of the water that is considered public. And this is important to know because if you’re looking for complete privacy, you’re going to want to ensure the entire property belongs to you and that there won’t be a public beach area in front of your property.

Consider the area as a whole: While finding the perfect home is important, thinking about the total area is just as important. This includes the body of water, nearby beaches, and even amenities in the local environment. If you have to drive an hour to your favorite grocery store, the house might not be a great choice. And if the body of water your home is next to has unpleasant elements, like smells or seaweed, you should know about that ahead of time. Considering the area as a whole will help ensure you don’t just love your new home, but that you love the surrounding areas as well.

Owning waterfront property can be extremely beneficial, especially for boat owners or those who just love the water. And by following these few simple tips, you’ll find the perfect waterfront property to fit your wants and needs in no time.