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6-Deliciously Uncommon Colors Make Your Room Ft Lauderdale Real Estate


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6-Deliciously Uncommon Colors Make Your Room

Ft Lauderdale Real Estate

By Frank Vigliotti, Realtor, ABR, CDPE, PA

October 6, 2013


Congratulations! You’ve purchased your new home or condominium. There are always projects that you want to do to make it your own. I really enjoy the website HOUZZ for decorating ideas. The writers and designers of this website make decorating easy and keeping the cost to a realistic amount.


One of the main projects that I find my clients want to tackle is painting. It makes a room your own. It puts a trademark of you and your style in your new home. However, too often people are afraid to use color. Embrace the hundreds of choices you have when it comes to this medium.


Prepare your Budget to Purchase and Maintain your New Home

And too, I want to mention, when purchasing your home or condominium, remember to budget for these projects. The process of purchasing real estate is more than the down payment. You have to account for the closing costs and the projects that you’ll want to do right away. You must account for moving expense, utility hook up and miscellaneous fees.  


As your Realtors, the Henri Frank Group helps you not only with the property search, but with the budget of your funds to manage your new home. We take the time to discuss the down payment, the expenses associated with the purchase. It is our belief that a purchase should be financially comfortable and not make you mortgage poor. Don’t forfeit your social budget, money needed for a weekend dinner out and a movie. Keep in mind you will still have to account for a clothing budget. If you find yourself taking away these basics from your lifestyle, than rethink the purchase, rethink the amount you are committing for mortgage, property tax and property insurance. Just because the Mortgage Lender approves you for a certain amount, if the monthly payment is more than your budget can handle, don’t do it. Carefully prepare your budget and allow for the fun parts of home ownership.


I bring to you this article about color and how it makes a room shine. Enjoy it and sign up for HOUZZ updates, they bring you interesting topics and interesting unique ideas for your Florida home or condominium. 


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