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A testimonial is always flattering and the Henri Frank Group has many. But more than that, it shows how hard we work for each and every client, no matter the transaction, whether it is a $50,000 condominium or a $3,000,000 property, each client receives the same first class service. We have published a sampling from a small group of clients from the many we’ve gotten over the years. We are proud to have such kind words about our work. We strive to deliver excellence and 100% complete satisfaction to all of our clients. Our promise to you is to fulfill all of your real estate needs and will work hard to serve you. To confirm our commitment, we introduce you to our long list of satisfied clients. We will put you in contact with any of our clients from the past so you can ask them personally how well we handled their sale or purchase. Here are some of the testimonials our past clients have said about the Henri Frank Group. Thomas and I cannot thank you both enough for all you have done to help us sell our property. We have bought and sold many properties in South Florida in a difficult market and I can honestly say you are the best!

– Kindest regards, Josh

Frank is a fantastic realtor! He loves his job and for that important reason he does it with all his heart. Always punctual at each step of the process and willing to work with all sides. Frank knows well his job and for that reason I’ve been recommending him to all my friends that need help in buying, renting or sell a home. It’s so rare to find a person like Frank in his profession; he’s a pearl in the muddy waters of the real estate business! Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

– Gilda Campo

Frank is one of the most truly, talented and trusted Realtors in the business today. With all the new issues that the Real Estate market is forced to deal with on a daily basis, Frank has the perfect personality to approach all transactions with a breath of fresh air. He was extremly diligent and paid close attention to every detail and was able to prevent any problems from effecting the perfect closing. Often you here about the perfect storm but not with Frank, I highly recommend him for your next project. Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

– Scott Michaels

Frank Vigliotti is co-partner of one of the most energetic and most successful Realtor team of the Henry Frank Group servicing South East Florida. These two partners, along with a full support team, are relentless to service their customers with true dedication, full participation to service their listings, dependable and most knowledgable of our real estate market.

– John Bourassa

Frank and his group are a hard working team who go out of their way to help others in the office. I have seen how hard they work for each client no matter what the price of the deal is. Many agents turned to them for advice and they were always willing to help. Frank and his group made the office fun and exciting every day. Any chance I have to work a deal with them I know will go well and be fun at the same time. They really care about the clients.

– Steven Babe

Frank and I worked together on a transaction where I was the listing agent and Frank represented the buyers. This transaction was absolutely a pleasure to be a part of. Frank is a true professional who has superior follow up skills, an excellent understaning of our industry, and team player. I look forward to working with Frank again and highly recommend him to anyone considering working with him.

– Peter Barkin, Realtor & Partner in Barkin-Gilman & Associates

I have the privilege of working with the Henri Frank Group. I attest to their professionalism and concern for their clients needs and desires. I am proud to be a part of the Group. Frank amd Henri will not stop until their clients are happy and allow people to shop with no pressure. Their team share the same vision and are truly a pleasure to work with.

– Lynn Whitefall

The Henri Frank Group has helped me with my short sale far more than I ever expected. I would tell anyone if they want to get their short sale done, go to Frank Vigliotti and Henri Vezie as they were the only Realtors who would even meet me to help me. And it was a success! Thank you guys.

– Bonnie Goodrich

I worked with Frank when the Ft. Lauderdale real estate market was at historic lows. Houses lingered on the market as Florida and the rest of the country grew more reluctant to pull the trigger to start the sales process again. Like the tortoise and the hare, I watched Frank implement system after system to help Sellers with the many homes which were underwater. With Feedback systems in place, Frank went on to capture a market niche and excel in it while others were hesitant or scared to jump in. The brave, creative leadership was not lost on me. The world had changed. Frank picked up the baton to lead. I would without hesitation recommend Frank for real estate as well as any other business opportunity. Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

– Gary Lanham, Broker Owner, Lanham & Associates, Inc.

I have no hesitation in recommending The Henri Frank Group as an excellent representative for anyone buying or selling real estate.

– Thomas DeBarre

I wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to work with Jimmy on our recent transaction. He is an excellent agent! It was so nice to work with such a professional, detail oriented realtor. He is a great asset to your team, and I wish you all continued success.

– Thanks, Carla Infante

I’m writing to thank the Henri Frank Group. We have bought many properties but never had the attention that they had gave us. Very reachable always willing to take that extra step to help. Thanks!

– Sonia & Carlos Garcia, New York, NY

The Henri Frank group are truly an exceptional team and really work as a team. I first met with Henri, made a few offers which can be difficult when you are 1,700 miles away. They always followed up on what they said they would do and kept me informed every step of the way. It was a short sale and I am very happy with my purchase. I would not hesitate to recommend the Henri Frank Group to anyone buying or selling Fort Lauderdale Real Estate or Wilton Manors Real Estate. Thanks guys!

– Fred Pellerin

Working with Frank was the most professional experience I have had with a realtor. Having moved several times in the past for work, I am very familiar with the pain associated with finding an apartment to buy or rent and with selling property. Frank made my move to South Florida as painless as it could be. He was prepared to take care of all the details in first finding me a temporary apartment and then finally finding me and my partner our house. Working with Frank was a pleasure both personally and professionally. I would strongly recommend him to anyone moving to South Florida.

– Edward and Otto, Wilton Manors

I would have never been able to get my dream of owning my condo if it weren’t for Frank and the group. They all made buying my home fun and I always knew I was in good hands. Thanks for everything!

– Sonia T.

Frank did an exceptional job and I’m very thankful for it. Not only did he succeed where two previous realtors failed, he diligently followed up with the attorney and the lender to expedite the short sale process. Most importantly, he kept me informed throughout the course, and was kind in allaying the anxiety inherent in a short sale. In short, his handling of the sale was professional, efficient, and effective. I’m most satisfied with his work. Again, thanks.

– Regards Tony D.

Frank Vigliotti and the entire Henri Frank Group understood our needs for a responsible tenant when we put our Florida condo up for rent, and his follow through was amazing. He kept us informed about the process and handled many details that we wouldn’t have taken for granted. Someday, when we finally make a permanent move to Fort Lauderdale, we definitely will ask Frank to help us find our new home.

– Richard A & Joseph L, Boston, Massachusetts

If it wasn’t for Henri I would have never gotten my condo sold. He did it fast and easy and I would recommend him to anyone.

– Ron

The Henri Frank Group was a pleasure to have as my Realtor team. They were professional and knowledgeable. I have moved several times and by far, they were the best Realtors I’ve had. I would recommend the guys to anyone.

– Colleen & Tim

Hands down, best Realtor’s in Wilton Manors, Frank and Henri are the ones to call. We appreciate everything you did for us and when everyone said the short sale couldn’t be done, you did it! We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you.

– Frank and Laura T.

Selling my home was so much easier with Henri and Frank. They did far more than I ever expected. I have sold many houses in my day and these guys were top notch through it all. They even sold my house for more than I ever dreamed I could get.

– Chris

As a Real Estate investor choosing a Realtor is very important to me. Frank and Henri and his group are fantastic. They always made me aware of the deals in the market and always kept me updated. They know the market and buying Real Estate and that is what I need as an investor. Matt handles everything with my rentals quick and easy. I would recommend anyone to the Group and look forward to doing more work with them.

– Mike J.

Not knowing the area of Fort Lauderdale, Frank and the group really stepped up and sorted it all out for me. I wanted a certain house and that is exactly what they got for me. They took me through the steps. I can’t say enough good things about them.

– Justin Fredericks

When we needed to short sale our home it was scary for us. But Frank and the Henri Frank Group made us feel relaxed and they were always there when we needed them. Thank you for making a difficult situation for our family easier and with the calm we needed. We don’t think it would have gotten done without them.

– Carol and Maria

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