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Dignified Transition Solutions by Bank of America: A Short Sale Program | Henri Frank Group

Real Estate Roundtable with HENRI & FRANK

Dignified Transition Solutions by Bank of America: A Short Sale Program Henri Frank Group

Tuesday, July 24, 2012  The REAL ESTATE ROUNTABLE with HENRI & FRANK of the HENRI FRANK GROUP AT REMAX PREFERRED in Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors, Plantation and Hillsboro Shores, Florida.      740am TALK RADIO SHOW #121 – Dignified Transition Solutions [DTS] Program & Bank Of America for SHORT SALES

Mortgage:               Lynn Whitefall, Gold Star Financial

ROUNDTABLE:         Nugent & Ground Law Offices

Today’s Steal Deals:              Chris Dunham at Dunham Insurance

Today’s Real Estate Roundtable with Henri and Frank is Sponsored by the Henri Frank Group at REMAX Preferred                  ____________________________________________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION/DISCLAIMERS

8:30 – 8:31       2/:30sec SPOTS:     Dunham Insurance spot, Nugent and Ground Short Sale Spot #1

***********************Bumper ……

FRANK: (over the bumper):  Good Morning everyone, I’m Frank Vigliotti.

HENRI:  Good Morning, I’m Henri Vezie

LYNN:  I am Lynn Whitefall of Gold Star Financial.

FRANK:  There are many ways to reach the HENRI FRANK GROUP at REMAX. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, on our website at remember Henri with an “I” and of course you can always call us at our offices at 954-604-9999. That’s 954-604-9999. Today’s roundtable we will be talking about the latest Bank of America Program that The Henri Frank Group and REMAX are cooperating to do SHORT SALES for our clients who needs to do a short sale.

HENRI:  Let’s get to the Henri Frank Group Steal Deals sponsored by Dunham Insurance in Fort Lauderdale.  Insurance premiums are on the rise, the storm season is upon us, update your insurance policies by Calling our friends at Dunham Insurance, 954-564-7772, call today, 954-564-7 7 7 2. . . . . . . .   tell him the Henri Frank Group sent you!

LYNN:  Ok, we have a great list of steal deals today as we do every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30am here on WSBR and now on HD-3 96.5 FM Radio. Here we go with our steal deals . . . .

HENRI:  Our first steal deal is ……..

<LYNN, & HENRI read the Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors, Coral Springs, Plantation Florida steal deals>

FRANK:  We are going to take a quick break and be right back with Lynn’s Mortgage Minute and our roundtable discussion about the [DTS] Bank of America short sale program. You are listening to the Real Estate Roundtable with Henri and Frank. D o n ’ t   g o   a w a y ! ! !

2/:30sec SPOTS:     Henri Frank Group Short Sale, Nugent and Ground Short Sale Spot #2

LYNN : Welcome back to the Real Estate Roundtable with Henri and Frank, this is is the mortgage minute & I’m Lynn Whitefall of GoldStar Financial. Today’s conventional rates are starting at 2.9% on a 15 year and 3.56% on a 30 year fixed, FHA and VA rate is at 3.6% on 30 year fixed.  “If you like it lock it. That’s our motto at Gold Star Financial” At these rates you can buy more house for less money.  We want to be 100% sure your payment is right for you so get preapproved and know what amount you qualify for! Call me Lynn Whitefall at 754-245-3003 or go to my website at that’s  or you can call the Henri Frank Group at 954-604-9999 and we’ll get connected.   REAL ESTATE ROUNDTABLE WITH HENRI and FRANK DISCUSSION [DTS] Bank of America Short Sales:

FRANK:  ok, thank you Lynn, Today’s Roundtable Discussion is sponsored by the law offices of Nugent and Ground. If you have been served foreclosure papers by your lender, if you cannot afford your mortgage payment, if loan modification by your bank has been denied, you need a foreclosure strategy. For a strategic foreclosure you need a real estate attorney to sort it out with you. Call attorney Pat Nugent at Nugent and Ground, 954 – 537 – 1 7 1 7, they will meet with you days, evenings and weekends, again, Call Pat Nugent at 954 – 537- 1 7 1 7 or call the Henri Frank Group and they will get you connected. You can’t ignore this, remember the Debt Forgiveness Act is ending in just months and if you don’t want an IRS tax bill for your short sale, it’s even more important than ever to call Pat Nugent now for a FREE Consultation, 954 – 537 – 1 7 1 7.


• Money Back, $3000 to the Homeowner at Closing

• No required financial information to be submitted to Bank Of America

• No deficiency judgment

• And a predetermined sales price of your property.

FRANK:   That about wraps up our program today, our next show, is on Thursday at 8:30am! We will talk more about the Short Sale process and how you can get started if a short sale is what you are interested in learning more about. But, if in the meantime you want to talk South Florida real estate, please give us a call, 954-604-9999, 954-604-9999. Thanks for listening, and until next time, make it a  G R E A T   D A Y ! ! !

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End with  (2) :30 second spots ……  NUGENT and GROUND and the Dunham Insurance Spot

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