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Dreaming of a New Vacation Home? Condos May Offer More Than You Think.


new luxury condos
Fort Lauderdale, even though it’s not necessarily one of the greater-known American destinations, attracts a whopping 10.5 million visitors per year. For the most part, individuals who head there are looking to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather of Florida.


If you enjoy visiting and are thinking about buying a vacation home that you can stay in whenever you need a break from the daily grind, you should think about investing in new luxury condos. While beachfront homes might sound sexier, condos actually offer a number of distinct advantages.


Low Maintenance


When you go on vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is mowing the lawn or making repairs to the exterior of your home (unless you’re a hobbyist who likes that kind of stuff, of course). By investing in condos for sale by owners or real estate firms, you’ll likely be a part of a condo association that handles exterior maintenance, so you can focus on relaxing.




Though some might think that new luxury condos that come with a homeowner’s association agreement limit what you can do on the inside, that isn’t always the case. If you own your condo, you’ll be able to create a custom interior. You can turn any basic condo into a comfortable vacation haven.


Less Square Footage?


Huh? How can a smaller place be better? Simple. If you only plan on using one of the luxury condos for sale as a vacation home, then you won’t want to worry about filling excessive rooms with furniture. Though you might need more space if you plan on moving your family there permanently, the smaller size can actually be quite advantageous.


More Affordable


You might be tempted to look for cheap waterfront property for sale when heading south if you have a specific budget in mind. Unfortunately, that could lead to places that are a bit bigger, but more run-down or even fixer-uppers. New luxury condos don’t offer all of the same benefits as detached homes, but they come with a lower price tag to give a better return on your investment.


Community Amenities


If the sun wears you down and you need a day away from the beach, you’ll enjoy the fact that condo communities generally offer a number of different amenities. Pools, tennis courts, and even weight rooms are nice if you want to burn off the cocktails from the day before, and recreation rooms are a good place to socialize in the AC.


The most important thing to think about when looking for a vacation home is your specific priorities and what you’re actually looking for. Never feel pressured to buy a home, and take your time to find the right one. That might test your patience, but it will lead you to a more enjoyable vacation pad.

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