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Florida Real Estate | Hardest Hit Housing Fund | Ft Lauderdale House

Housing Crisis in Florida
Housing Crisis in Florida Hardest Hit Fund

Florida Real Estate | Hardest Hit Housing Fund | Ft Lauderdale House

As the housing market in Florida recovers, the Henri Frank Group at Remax Preferred takes a look back at what has helped its recovery. There are many reasons why. We also look forward to how we continue the recovery and get the Florida Real Estate Market to be, again, strong and robust. Amidst the largest housing crisis in the country and in the State of Florida, lifelines of help have arrived as far back as 2010. The Henri Frank Group has assisted many homeowners through out the South Florida region with their displacement from the ailing housing crisis. It has been a long road, and at times not so easy for some. I want to outline some of the ways our neighbors in need have been able to get assistance through programs available. And if you are not in the zone of recovery, but still faced with the repruccussions of this tabacle.

I also believe it will be as important for these lifelines to fade, as when they are gone, we can declare recovered. It’s not only the housing values increasing that will mark success in the housing market. The US, state and local governments must not be seen as permanent lifelines, nor a way of life, we as a community need not become dependent upon them, let’s get through this housing crisis, let’s declare victory on it and not need the billions of dollars of assistance. Then truly we can call it the end of an era and move into a time where we flourish and grow.

The United States Treasury introduced the Housing Finance Agency Innovation Fund for the Hardest-Hit Housing Markets (HFA Hardest-Hit Fund) in February 2010.  They also assigned funds based on the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 to Nevada, Michigan, Florida, Arizona and California.

These funds were designated to this specific states based on the disproportionate decrease in their housing markets in efforts to prevent foreclosures. The US Treasury distributed an additional $600,000,000 to five more states in March 2010 based on the increase in unemployment rates.

The Treasury introduced the HFA Hardest-Hit Fund to 8 more states and added an additional $2,000,000,000. Florida was given another $236,800,000 in the third disbursement on top of the original $418,000,000 which added up to a total of 656,800,000 given to Florida.  The most recent disbursement of $401,000,000 was given to the state of Florida was in September of 2010 which brings the total amount of funds allocated to Florida to over $1 billion.

Below are the unemployment programs introduced in Florida that are together known as the Florida Hardest-Hit Fund (HHF) programs:

Unemployment Mortgage Assistance Program (UMAP) – This program will pay up to $24,000 or 12 months worth of mortgage payments to the mortgage lender in order to help unemployed or underemployed borrowers. This assistance is given to first-time mortgage borrowers until they can manage to make payments on their on. An additional $18,000 may be provided in advance to restart a delinquent mortgage for first-time borrowers prior to mortgage payments being made by UMAP. This gives borrowers the opportunity to receive up to $42,000 in mortgage assistance.

Mortgage Loan Reinstatement Payment Program (MLRP) – This program can be utilized by homeowners who’ve recently gotten back on track from underemployment or recently found a job to make a one-time payment of up to $25,000 to get a delinquent mortgage loan up to date. Homeowners interested in more information or signing up for the HHF programs can apply online at

The Florida HHF program was introduced in October 2010 and was first implemented in Lee County.The Florida HHF program was offered in the entire state in April of 2011 and modifications were made to the advantages and eligibility requirements in June of 2012.

Listed below are more of the programs that may help you improve your health, employment, financial, and domestic conditions:

Employment Services Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) – Assists employment seekers with the resources needed to search open jobs, develop resumes, obtain career counseling and find jobs. For more information visit

Employ Florida Marketplace is an online resource that provides employment services such as resume development and posting, job searches in various countries and many other beneficial resources. Visit

Health Care Blue Foundation for a Healthy Florida is an online portal that assists those in need of health care coverage or assistance in addition to the plan they currently have.The Blue Foundation for a Healthy Florida is offered by the BlueCross BlueShield of Florida and offers medication, pregnancy care, and other health services for little to no charge. Visit for additional info.


Florida KidCare is a service that provides health insurance for kid for working and nonworking families. . Below are the exact requirements:

• Be under age 19 • Be uninsured • Meet income eligibility requirements • Be a U.S. citizen or qualified non-citizen • Not be eligible for Medicaid • Not be the dependent of a state employee eligible for health insurance • Not be in a public institution

Go to, or call 1-888-540-5437 for more information.

Cover Florida Health Care Program provides affordable health coverage without using tax money to do so. Many plans provided are less than $150 per month and some of the benefits include preventative care, check-ups, surgery, medication, diabetic equipment and much more.

Visit to learn more about this program

Partnership for Prescription Assistance Program The Partnership for Prescription Assistance links pharmaceutical companies, doctors, patient advocacy organizations and community groups to help patients find the medication they need for little to no cost.

Find out if you are eligible by calling 1-888-4PPA-NOW (1-888-477-2669) or visingo

Florida Discount Drug Card Program Save money on your prescription medications by signing up for a Florida Discount Drug Card online at  or by telephone: 1-866-341-8894

Legal is provided by Florida Legal Services, Inc. and helps you find affordable or free legal services from  organizations and government agencies across Florida and the United States. Find out more at

Utility Utility Company Assistance Program Many don’t realize that a majority of utility companies around the state provide programs that help to cover utility expenses to those in need. This can include paying utility bills, maintenance to heaters and air conditionings. For more information about these services, contact your utility provider today!

Weatherization Assistance Program The Weatherization Assistance Program provides helps low-income families to decrease energy bills by enhancing the energy performance in the home. Find out more here at


Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program offers funds to nonprofit organizations and local governments to help low-income families cover their cooling and heating expenses. For more information regarding eligibility and details, visit


Lifeline and Link-Up Florida Telephone Programs helps low-income families to attain phone servicesat affordable rates. Lifeline and Link-Up Florida programs offer discounts on installation services and also provides free credits every month for phone service. Find out more by calling the Florida Public Service Commission’s Division of Regulatory Compliance and Consumer Assistance at 1-800-342-3552, or view


SafeLink Wireless provides cell phones and home phone services to those in need. To find out if you qualify visit the website of Florida Office of Public Counsel for more information: or call toll free at 1-800-540-7039.


The Food Assistance Program assists families in need to keep food in their homes. These services are provided by the Florida Department of Children and Familie and information regarding requirements can be found at: .

Women, Infants, and Children Nutrition Program (WIC) WIC helps families provide nutritional food and offers support, counseling, and healthcare recommendations for free for those who meet the requirements. For information, go to the website:


Child Care Child Care Resource and Referral Network offers information regarding early learning programs like the School Readiness, Voluntary Prekindergarten, Early Head Start, and Even Start programs. Financial aid and other services are provided to those who qualify. Learn more by contacting the State CCR&R Network Office at 1-866-357-3239.

Domestic Violence Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence assists the abused to get the help they need regardless of income conditions. To find a center near you visit or call the toll-free hotline 1-800-500-1119.

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The Henri Frank Group has been assisting homeowners since 2007 with short sale of their property. If you’ve been served foreclosure lawsuit, the Henri Frank Group can coordinate an consultation with our legal partner helping homeowners in Fort Lauderdale and South FLorida, Nugent and Ground Law office, attorney Pat Nugent. If you are in trouble, not able to afford your mortgage payment, call us right away for assistance.


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