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Florida Real Estate Market Share of Green Homes: 43Urban Village

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Florida Real Estate Market Share of Green Homes: 43Urban Village

We all know that the Live + Work lifestyle is the most environmentally friendly way to run a business. By choosing a Live + Work lifestyle you are making one of the biggest contributions an individual can make towards the sustainability of the Earth’s environment and the community you live in.

It enables a “zero-commute” lifestyle. Auto travel contributes a large portion of the greenhouse gas emissions. The shorter the commute to work, the less fuel you burn. Creating pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods reduces the reliance on automobiles. Being close to your customers, clients and employees cuts down on auto travel. Using recycled land in urban areas saves open space and provides an intelligent alternative to suburban sprawl. Combining living and working spaces makes the best use of scarce resources (one property not two). Major reductions in waste of electricity, gas, and water. Compact building design means more energy efficiency. Units stay cooler in the summer and warmer in our colder months. Close proximity to shopping and services. Bus lines just outside your door.

43Urban Village, an exciting new planned community development is being marketed, and soon building to begin right here in the Oakland Park, Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors area of South Florida. New construction in the real estate market here in Florida is becoming more and more popular again. The cranes, the steam shovels are about to begin. Pre-sales have begun and the demand for brand new real estate continues to grow.




The efforts of new construction and remodeling of single-family homes to make them efficient and sustainable has grown based on recent studies. The new construction market for sustainable homes has increased its market share to 17% in 2011. The share percentage is expected to rise another 12%-21% by the year of 2016 based on a report from the McGraw-Hill Construction firm.

The report indicated that the two fundamental aspects that attribute to growth of the green market, sustainable homes are deemed to have a higher value and provide the benefit of lowering utility expenses as well. The option of going green and having a better quality home has also been the catalyst of this movement and gives sustainable homes the advantage over the average home.

The reason that many home buyers haven’t adapted to building or purchasing a green home in the past is because of the higher costs included. Studies from a recent survey show that many construction firms haven’t had this problem is the last several years.

Here in the South Florida region of Broward County on the Fort Lauderdale city line, the Henri Frank Group of Remax Preferred has been selected to represent the sales of the Eco-friendly 43Urban Village Live + Work community in Oakland Park, Florida. This community is being developed and built with green in mind.


The Henri Frank Group at Remax Preferred is located in Fort Lauderdale at 2810 E Oakland Park Boulevard, 2166 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors, Florida, 2 University Drive, Plantation, FL and North Ocean Boulevard at the Hillsboro Inlet in Hillsboro Shores, FL.

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The report mentioned was developed by McGraw-Hill Construction, in agreement with the NAHB & Waste Management.

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