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Fort Lauderdale Real Estate for sale

The Henri Frank Group of Remax Preferred is a group of Florida state licensed Realtors with deep knowledge about Fort Lauderdale Real Estate for sale. Henri Frank Group offices located in Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Hillsboro Shores and Wilton Manors, Florida. The group seeks to educate their buyers, sellers and investors about the national Real Estate market as well as local Broward County, Palm Beach County and Miami-Dade County.

Fort Lauderdale Real Estate for sale in 2013

Fort Lauderdale Realtor Frank Vigliotti and Realtor Henri Vezie are available anytime to speak with you about you Fort Lauderdale property or your goals to purchase Fort Lauderdale investment property. The findings of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, indicates it is a good time to sell your Fort Lauderdale home or buy a home in Fort Lauderdale. Contact the Henri Frank Group at Remax Preferred and we can help you with your purchase of South Florida real estate or the sale of your Florida home.

Based on information released from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, otherwise known as DEO, Florida’s construction and Florida’s residential real estate industry has shown consistent growth. Some of these valuable increases include the average home price, the amount of employment opportunities available, an influx in housing starts, and the decline in the supply of residential properties available on the market.

Florida Governor Rick Scott believes that both the construction and housing industries play crucial roles in assisting Florida’s economy to recover.Scott also says, “Seeing these positive indicators across the state shows that people are feeling more confident in buying or building a home.”

According to a recent Florida Department of Economic Opportunity news release in August of 2012, housing starts in Florida increased 18.5%. Median home prices and year-over-year home prices were 5.8% compare to 12 months prior. According to reports release from the Florida Realtors firm, average home sales prices grew 6.8% in August of 2012. This is the same time period in which a month’s supply of home inventory on the market has declined 40%.

In September of 2012, the construction workforces created an additional 4,200 employment opportunities in one month. A Florida Department of Economic Opportunity report indicated that more individuals are moving into the state of Florida and the amount of residents that are leaving Florida.Florida Department of Economic Opportunity projects that the Florida population will increase roughly 134,500 this year. This estimation is nearly 50% higher than the amount on individuals who moved into the state of Florida in 2011.

Listed below are additional positive statistics in the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity release:

The state of Florida is accountable for generating 156,800 private sector jobs since December of 2010. Florida also witness a positive annual employment increase (a year-to-year comparison) for 26 months in a row.

  • Florida’s job growth on a month-to-month basis has increased for 12 out of 15 months.
  • The state’s job growth month-to-month has been positive for 12 of the last 15 months.
  • In September of 2012, the amount of job postings in Florida increased substantially in comparison with September of 2011. The amount of job postings increased 35,277 postings which equals 15.1% and a grand total of 268,575 job openings. (seasonally adjusted)


The state of Florida’s 24 Regional Workforce Boards have shown a record of more than 52,983 Florida residents started new jobs in the month of September. The unemployment rate in the state of Florida has fallen to 8.7% for the month of September. This is mostly due to the additional 3,500 new private sector jobs that were introduced to the workforce.

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity has integrated the state of Florida’s workforce, community, and economic advancement efforts. This fresh perspective and approach has facilitated the quick advancement of economic growth to creates job opportunities in competitive regions.

This new approach helps expedite economic development projects to fuel job creation in competitive communities. For those interesting in employment or simply additional informaiton about Florida’s employment market, is a valuable resource.


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