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Ft Lauderdale Real Estate | Florida Home Inspection Guidelines | Henri Frank

Licensed Contractor Inspector Florida Homes
Licensed Contractor Inspector Florida Homes

Ft Lauderdale Real Estate | Florida Home Inspection Guidelines | Henri Frank


Many home buyers have no idea of how the home inspection process is carried out, unless of course they have gone through the home purchase process prior. Home inspections are also regional. A home inspection in South Florida will differ than a home inspection in the Northeast Unites States.


One of the initial factors of home buying that South Florida home buyers should understand is the home inspection process. The Henri Frank Group at Remax Preferred makes sure their first-time buyers, even second and third time home buyers, that they are aware of the home inspection, step-by-step.




All parties participating  in the sale of the property which includes the home buyer, the buyer’s agent, and the listing agent all want

the same thing in the end. All parties involved want the sale of the home to progress with little to no hiccups in the process, but an

accurate home inspection is essential in protecting the buyer’s investment.


Even though issues may be found during the home inspection, that doesn’t always mean that it will squash the deal. Many times the

buyer’s agent and the buyers together when previewing the property already know the property will have an issue or issues. Many

times the issues are obvious and the licensed home inspector should be made aware of the buyers concerns. The sellers disclosure

should also be carefully reviewed prior to placing an offer. That is a precursor to the purchase of the home and the home inspection.



Listed below are some tips to follow during your home inspection:


  • The buyer of the home who has located the property inspector is responsible for making sure that the inspector has proper

credentials to adequately assess the property.


  • Buyers should also take the time to go over the seller’s disclosures about the property and make a list of questions to ask the

inspector in advance.


  • If feasible, home buyers should physically shadow the inspector throughout the inspections, even in roof, crawlspace, and basement

areas. Although you are dealing with a licensed home inspector, keep in mind that the individuals may not have answers to all of

your concerns and that the job of the inspector is to find the issues.


  • It is the buyer’s responsibility to locate  information regarding the cost of necessary renovations.


  • Although the home listing agent supports the seller, the buyer’s Realtor should also be involved in the inspection process to assist the

buyer on what steps to take if the home inspector finds extensive damage to the property.


Once the inspection is complete, the buyer and the buyer’s realtor should look over the inspection report together and determine what actions must be taken to move forward with the sale.


Many real estate specialists suggests that home buyers do not involve any family or friends aren’t licensed contractors. Bringing

along a contractor who is not licensed could further complicate the process by introducing issues may not necessarily need to be



So what’s the difference between a four-point home inspection and a full home inspection?


Depending on the age of the property, mortgage lenders and insurers may request a four-point inspection. This is required for many

older properties and does not actually relate to the quality of the inspection.  A four-point home inspection concerns the number of

housing aspects examined, not the grade of the property inspection.


Considering how large of an investment that purchasing a home is, make sure that you receive a high quality inspection regardless

of the cost. Four-point home inspections are often less expensive than a full property inspection and some potential home buyers

choose the four-point inspection over the full inspection based on cost alone. Before you decide on whether you need a full home

inspection or a four-point inspection, be sure that you fully understand what the four-point inspection entails and what elements

aren’t considered.


Typically, the aspects included in a four-point inspection are major elements that may cost the buyers a large amount of money to

repair in a short time after purchasing the home. Four-point inspections entail heating and air conditioning systems, plumbing, roofing,

and electrical elements of the property. Additional aspects of the home that may need repair throughout the first few years of home

ownership can include hot water heaters, large appliances, structural flaws, etc. are not considered in a four-point home inspection.


The Henri Frank Group of Remax Preferred, founded by Frank Vigliotti and Henri Vezie in 2006 represents South Florida buyers and sellers, both residential and commercial properties. They are located in South Florida in Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors, Plantation, Hillsboro Beach and Henri Vezie is a resident of Miami Beach, Florida in Miami-Dade County. The Realtors in the group are consultants. We seek to advise its clients about all aspects of the transaction, from the home inspection, the South Florida home inspection, the Florida title costs and South Florida market information. Contact the Henri Frank Group at 954-604-9999. Or email them a for information.


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Ft Lauderdale Real Estate | Florida Home Inspection Guidelines | Henri Frank


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