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Ft Lauderdale Real Estate | Let’s Talk: Right to the “C” Word

Ft Lauderdale Real Estate | Let’s Talk: Right to the “C” Word

Communication is important to the success of each of the members of the Henri Frank Group in best serving our clients. The Group will coordinate dozens of transactions at any given time. Fort Lauderdale properties for sale, buyers who are interested in Wilton Manors, investors interested in Miami Beach or Oakland Park all require attention in many different ways. And it is our goal to serve them as not only Realtors but as Realtor Consultants. The key to our success is made up of a list of important skills, policies of the group and the implementation of procedures that are effective in serving our clients.

To better understand a person or situation, effective communication enables us to resolve differences, build trust and respect, and create environments where creative ideas, problem solving and ultimate service to our clients. Skillful communication can become a number one asset to the Real Estate transaction and the difference between success or failure of a client relationship.

The resistance to using the many ways to communicate can create a negative aspect to a Realtors business. By properly utilizing all the ways to communicate in the second decade of this century is vital to ones relationships with coworkers, corealtors and clients. A Realtor in South Florida where the Real Estate market is moving quickly and there are many home buyers and home sellers, not embracing the modern means to communication is a detriment to the Real Estate industry. Real Estate buyers, home sellers have come to expect Realtors to have the knowledge, access and utilization of email, text messaging, social media and mobile phone capability.

Understanding and recognizing your emotions and the person whom you are communicating is a skill set for appropriate communication. It is essential that nonverbal communication, like listening skills and the ability to manage stress of the moment are all parts of the effective communicator. Focus fully on the speaker, don’t be judgemental, avoid interrupting or trying to redirect the concerns of the person who you are communicating. Further, show your interest in what is being said and answer the questions thoroughly.

4-Tools to Effective Communication.

Embracing the power of technology in the 21st Century has effectively allowed billions of people to have access to one another and must be embraced by Realtors.

#1: Email. It is one of the easiest ways to communicating and will allow you to reach out to many people in a day. To common questions of a buyer or a seller of the Henri Frank Group, we will receive an email. We are able to respond to the email quickly and thoroughly. The client, coworker or Realtor can than get the response and read it right away or when they have the right time to review it, go to their email box.

#2: Text Message. One of the most underutilized skills for a quick response to a question or to send simple information. At the Henri Frank Group we have implemented a policy on our MLS [multiple listing service] listing, “text for quick response to questions”. Many times a quick question, like “is this property FHA approved” is a question a buyer agent has of us. They will text us the question, we man our cell phone all day, we can quickly respond with that answer. Another example of a text we’ve recently received at the Henri Frank Group from a buyer in Wilton Manors, “I see a home I am interested, please look it up 116 NE 21st Court.” We were able to then send that person the listing sheet on that property. We later followed up with the buyer and got them into the home for a showing. By having available TEXT MESSAGE feature, we were able to acknowledge this buyer immediately.

#3: Social Media. This media allows a means to getting a message to a client or getting a message to your Realtor. Social media perhaps the least effective means to directly speaking to a specific Realtor, a real estate buyer, a real estate seller or investor. Although this method can be used, responding to another post on FACEBOOK or tweet on TWITTER can be effective. For example, just the other day a local magazine salesperson was posting an advertising special. I “liked” the post, I “commented” on the post by asking the salesperson to contact me regarding this special as I was interested in what was being offered. Within hours the salesperson was at my office and signing me up for the special. Social Media does work.

#4: Telephone. Since the mid-1870’s, the telephone has been used to bring two people or more together to communicate. In 1983 the first commercial cell phone was offered. By 1990, the cell phone was made available to consumers worldwide. The most commonly used communication tools, however, in Real Estate it should be noted how by having other than just the telephone, as an industry we have been able to grow our client base, communicate quicker and faster to a matter. For example, a Realtor who wants to communicate to another a new listing they just had gotten in their inventory; they can email the listing, text the listing or advertise it on Social Media and direct it to the person or persons whom they want to tell all about it.

Henri Frank Group

As Realtors in Fort Lauderdale, Realtors in Wilton Manors, Plantation and Hillsboro Shores, the group also services areas all throughout South Florida. Specialty areas are Miami, South Beach Miami, Miami Beach, Oakland Park, Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Parkland and Weston, Florida. The group has five total Florida licensed Realtors, an Office Manager, New Business Development Coordinator, Website and SEO Manager and an assistant for Marketing. All of these people are put into place to best serve the Fort Lauderdale buyers, Wilton Manors sellers, South Florida renters and South Florida investors of the Henri Frank Group at REMAX Preferred.


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