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Henri Frank Group RE/MAX – Ft Lauderdale Realtors – Short Sales

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Henri Frank Group RE/MAX – Ft Lauderdale Realtors – Short Sales

Dignified Transition Solutions

written by: Frank Vigliotti, Realtor®, CDPE, Blogger, PA


New short sale programs are now being introduced into the 2013 Real Estate market in Florida and all through out the USA. A new program that is being adopted by Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and other lenders all across the nation is this new cooperative short sale program. Together the Realtor® and the bank determines the property value and the list price is determined, the homeowners will be evaluated for the short sale and approved prior to offering the home for sale into the market as a short sale property.


Henri Frank Group brokered by RE/MAX Preferred are Certified Distressed Property Experts known as CDPE Realtors®. This certification has broadened our knowledge of the short sale process. Serving our buyers who are buying short sale properties and above all our sellers who have to short sale their Fort Lauderdale property, Wilton Manors single family home, Oakland Park condominium or condominium in South Beach Miami. The Henri Frank Group services all of South Florida bringing buyers and sellers together in all regions of Broward County, Palm Beach County and Miami-Dade County.



As CDPE REALTORS® at RE/MAX Preferred we have access to a program to quicken the short sale process, Dignified Transition Solutions, known as DTS. Not all REALTORS® of RE/MAX have the access to DTS. The Henri Frank Group became approved with DTS more than a year ago at the inception of the cooperative short sale program between Bank of America and RE/MAX International. With our experience successfully selling properties through the short sale process and assisting buyers purchasing single family homes, townhomes, condominiums and multifamily properties through the short sale process, the Group was accepted into this program known as the Cooperative Short Sale Program.



What does this mean to you if you are buying a short sale property or selling a short sale property? Need to sell a property that the value is less than you owe your bank, contact the Henri Frank Group and we can fit you into one the many programs available. DTS can be one of those options that you will want to consider.



At the Henri Frank Group we have built a network of services to our clients. One of those services is a legal connection to assist you with your short sale. We use DTS to connect you with your lender, but you still need legal representation and a closing agent who knows short sales. The Law Office of Nugent and Ground, attorney’s Patricia Nugent and Tad Ground have the expertise of Real Estate Law. Patricia Nugent and Tad Ground will be sure you are getting the proper legal advice and along with us at the Henri Frank Group get your short sale to the closing table. We have been working with the Law Office of Nugent and Ground since 2009, they have successfully closed thousands of short sales.



According to their website,, “Dignified Transition Solutions (DTS) is to help homeowners avoid foreclosure through their innovative programs, services and expertise. DTS is a nationwide leader in loss mitigation who manages the negotiation between homeowners and financial institutions. By providing more effective solutions and processes for pre-empting foreclosure, we enable a helpful transition for homeowners and deliver a beneficial outcome for all parties.  DTS is completely compensated on success and we are paid by our banking and financial services clients.  There is no charge to the homeowner or the agent to work with DTS!”



Currently the following programs are available through DTS to assist homeowners avoid foreclosure. First step according to DTS program requirements, connect with a licensed Florida Realtor. We can provide a consultation whereby we can discuss which program is best for you. We will contact the DTS program on your behalf. Recognizing everyone has different circumstances to their short sale situation, the Henri Frank Group at RE/MAX Preferred will match the program that best is best suitable for you.



Some of the benefits of the Dignified Transition Solutions Program:

•Cooperative Streamline Short Sale – Homeowners are evaluated and pre-qualified for a Streamline Short Sale prior to listing their home for sale.  DTS completes the valuation process up front and the property is then listed at a pre-approved list price determined by the bank. The property is listed for sale at fair market value, even if that value is less than the amount owed on the mortgage. Homeowners will receive relocation assistance and a deficiency waiver for participating in the Streamline Short Sale.


  •  HAFA Short Sale – Government-backed program that follows the process outlined above in the Streamline Short Sale definition. Homeowners will receive relocation assistance and a deficiency waiver for participating in the HAFA Short Sale.


  • The DTS program shortens the timeline and the paperwork requirements.


  • Cash for Keys program which is a cash allowance to the homeowner at the time the house is SOLD. The amount is typically $3000. And there are other cash allowance programs that can increase the amount. The amount is established by the lender and is a part of the short sale process.



Why work with DTS?

They are a nationwide leader, closing or pending to close over 12,000 Short Sales to date, DTS has proven to be critical provider of services to homeowners who need fair solutions delivered in a compassionate way to avoid foreclosure.   DTS Benefits:


•No cost to homeowners or their real estate agents

•Higher close rates

•Faster closings

•Better outcomes for eligible homeowners



As real estate agents in South Florida where the distressed property inventory has been far greater than most regions in the country, we have worked with DTS and have great experiences with the results DTS deliver for us and for the homeowners we represent. The DTS staff are highly trained and knowledgeable of the distressed inventory and are sensitive to the needs of the REALTORS® and the homeowners. They are quick to respond to questions, with answers that make sense to the end result, sell the property and allo the homeowner to move on from their situation.


The new proactive short sale approach encourages cooperation between the homeowner, realtor, and lender. As a part of the real estate recovery and to avoid adding to the already long list of bank-owned properties, financial institutions are embracing these new short sale programs and especially the DTS program. Even if you are thinking of selling your property and unsure the value, unsure whether or not you need to do a short sale, contact Frank Vigliotti or Henri Vezie, founders of the Henri Frank Group and we can offer you a FREE Consultation.



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