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Invitation to Loose Money | Fort Lauderdale Real Estate

 Waiting to Buy = Invitation to Lose Money

Waiting to buy a real estate property is an invitation to losing money just 24 months ago our property was valued at 100,000 now 24 months later that same property just sold at 190 therefore had you purchased this property 24 months ago at 100,000 you would’ve made a 90% gain you lost $90,000.

Be Cautious, Not Skeptical

By continuing to wait, by continuing to be skeptical about the real estate market, even though we have hard facts to show the growth in the market, you continue to wait to make the purchase. You continue to wait to purchase from fear of economist reports, the skepticism of the media that all are just simply stating their opinion. Surely many of them show facts to back their opinion, but the facts are not supported by relative information in some cases, therefore making it an economist opinion that may or may not be correct.

Would you rather make a financial decision based on one’s opinion or would you rather look at the numbers, look at the facts, look at the property values, examine the factual trends of the real estate market. I think you’d want the factual information. But for those of you who continue to hesitate and continue to walk away from the market with money in your pocket and no investment, your money is not working for you continue to prevent your money from growing.  Certainly do not allow yourself to be caught in this trend.   

Stop right now from standing on the sidelines, watching others earning money, setting themselves up earning equity on real estate and you sit by watching them earn money. You work hard for your money, you deserve for your money to work for you and Real estate is one very good option right now in the South Florida region.

Get the FACTS, Knowledge is Power

For a no obligation consultation about the South Florida Real Estate market, call REALTORS® Henri Vezie and Frank Vigliotti, founders of the Henri Frank Group, brokered by the franchise, RE/MAX Preferred with offices in Wilton Manors, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation and Hillsboro Beach. The Henri Frank Group serves buyers, sellers and investors of residential and commercial real estate. They were Awarded America’s Best Real Estate Agents by Real Trends 2013, in the top 250 of REALTOR® Groups in the United States for the highest number of Real Estate transactions. Each customer of the Henri Frank Group has separate goals and each are treated as a person and not just another commission. 



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