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The Henri Frank Group will consult you through the buying process

One of the very first things you need to do in the home buying process is speaking to a mortgage lender. You need to know your credit standing and your ability to get a mortgage. You must obtain a preapproval letter or ideally a DU [Desktop Underwriter] loan commitment. A skillful broker will ask you the pertinent questions to determine whether or not you qualify for a mortgage and if so, how much home you can purchase. And without this information, we are unable to begin our process of finding the right neighborhood and the right house for you. Staying within your budget is a major concern as your Realtor Consultants, that you remain disciplined and stay within the amount determined by your mortgage officer.

The Henri Frank Group has years of experience working with mortgage lenders. We’ve worked with all of the major lending institutions like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Citibank, and others. Not only with these but with Supreme Lending, Nationwide Home Loans, and other lenders. There are big differences between those major banks and mortgage lending institutions that their only focus is on their customer’s mortgage needs. That is the reason why we strongly recommend Supreme Lending or Nationwide Home Loans.

There is a myth amongst many home buyers that if they go to the bank where they do their checking and savings account they will get a better interest rate on their mortgage. This is a myth. All lenders are bound and regulated by Federal law. They all use the same scale of establishing rates and amounts you can borrow. One may beat another with a quarter percent or an eighth of a percent, which on a 30-year conventional mortgage is very little difference on a monthly payment. At the Henri Frank Group, we advise our buyers to determine the lender based on the level of service, the mortgage brokers’ knowledge, and the commitment to their customers.

Purchasing a home will have many twists and folds during the process. You want a team of professionals who will minimize those stressful moments for you. Your real estate team will consist of a knowledgeable mortgage lender, legal representative, inspector, and real estate agent. The Henri Frank Group will consult you on each phase of the purchase from helping you choose the right lender, the right real estate attorney, and the right inspector. We work with a list of proven professionals. We will always provide you with options that allow you to make the decision of who you determine will be the best for you.

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