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Secrets to SELLING HOMES in less than 30-Days

Las Olas Seawall at Ft Lauderdale Beach
Las Olas Seawall at Ft Lauderdale Beach

In many instances, what makes potential homebuyers stay on a Realtor’s website and also return to it are the images of the exteriors and interiors of the various homes for sale. Making a good first impression to viewers is essential. Taking great photos is the most significant thing you can do to market your home and the Henri Frank Group at REMAX Preferred uses professional photographers to do the very best at marketing the homes they are to sell. In addition, you want to send the potential homebuyers on a virtual tour with your photos and our photographers prepare footage for the virtual tour as well. If the pictures are poor quality, or don’t show every room of your house, as well as front and back views of the house, many buyers won’t bother to visit. The question for the Realtor then becomes: “What pictures should I include that will keep people who are searching for real estate coming back to my website?”



Depending on the flow of the site, the answer can definitely vary. A good rule of thumb is to post images of the property types buyers will most likely find in each particular area. Homebuyers want to see more than just the front of the house. They want to get a look at the living room, kitchen, dining room, family room, master bedroom/bathroom and the backyard. You should include your residence’s best features, such as an exercise room or a home theater if the property has one. You should also include photos of the block the home is located on, this will give a potential buyer an idea of the type of area they may be moving into.



Fort Lauderdale Beach Sunrising
Beautiful Sunrise at Fort Lauderdale Beach


When taking photos of the exterior of the home, you should shoot in the middle of the day while the sun is shining. For the interior of the home, you should turn on all the lights and use a camera with a flash. If you have items with beautiful colors in the rooms the flash will make those items stand out and it makes the room look bigger and brighter. Too often, real estate agents post “lifestyle” shots on these pages or pictures of local restaurants and businesses. These photos certainly give buyers a nice visual of the surrounding neighborhood, but it is important to keep in mind why they have logged on in the first place – to hopefully find a new home or condominium.


Single Family Home in Fort Lauderdale
Homes in Fort Lauderdale



Using quality pictures that make sense to the viewers may seem like a small detail. However, it can make the difference between the quick sale of a home or even a sale of a home at all.




To list your South Florida Single Family home, condominium or townhome, contact the Henri Frank Group at REMAX Preferred. Located in Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors, Plantation and Hillsboro Shores, the realtor group uses their 100-Step strategy to effectively sell real estate.
As of May 31, 2012, the Henri Frank Group had successfully closed on 28 properties in the past six-months.

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