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What to Consider Before You Buy Fort Lauderdale Foreclosures

Buying Fort Lauderdale foreclosures can either be a really great investment or a really big mistake. When you’re considering buying a foreclosure, there are a lot of important factors to consider to ensure you’re making a good decision. So let’s take a look at a few things to keep in mind before buying foreclosures. Consider

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Fort Lauderdale Realtors | South Florida Real Estate News | Short Sales   The amount of short sales in the United States surpassed the number of foreclosure sales in 12 states in the month of August. This is a sign that more and more homeowners have realized that there are simpler methods to deal with

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Investors Have Intentions to Purchase More South Florida Real Estate In spite of the lack of housing inventory and increasing property prices, 65% of active real estate investors intend on purchasing the same amount of homes over the next 12 months as they in the previous 12 months. This statement is based on information released

Rise and Fall of Foreclosures in South Florida

The Foreclosure market Report released by RealtyTrac shows that the amount of foreclosures in the United States have increased in 125 of 212 metropolitan regions within the first half of this year.  This statement may seem like a shock to some but when compared to last year’s foreclosure rates in cities with populations of 200,000