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Top-3 Modifications to Sell Your Home | Wilton Manors Real Estate

Top-3 Modifications to Sell Your Home | Wilton Manors Real Estate

top 3 Modifications to sell your home in Wilton Manors South Florida
selling your home with the Henri Frank Group in South FLorida

Both homeowners and realtors attest that home should be updated before listing it on the market. A recent survey constructed from 1660 home owners and 450 Realtor representatives provides the truth.

  • Close to 90% of the Realtor participants believe that these modest improvements have a huge influence in selling the residence faster.
  • 72% of the Realtors all agreed that small modifications to the home assist sellers to enhance the asking price for their homes.
  • 70 % of Realtors agree that home sellers don’t appreciate the value of the renovations.
  • 30% of homeowner participants indicated that they will not make any improvements to their homes before listing them on the market.
  • 24% of of homeowners understand just how beneficial this can be in the selling process and plan to invest between $2,000-$5,000 on home renovations.

An amusing fact is that 66% of Realtors polled believe that homeowners who decide to make renovations do not make the right ones.

The Realtors and homeowners for this survey polled that the most effort should be put towards the curb appeal, bathrooms, and kitchens during home renovations.

Small projects such as painting, landscaping, and cleaning should be done by sellers before listing their homes. These are simple and easy modifications that can be done for very little money. Homeowners and Realtors bumped heads regarding the amount of time in which renovations should be completed. 56% of Realtors advise that these renovations should be made 1-3 months before the property is listed and close to 30% of homeowners plan on completing reconditioning projects over a year before than intend to list the home.

  • 64% of Realtors indicate that the landscaping in the front of homes should be the primary issue.
  • 33% of homeowners intend to put their efforts towards the backyard of the property while only 25% of sellers indicated that the front of the home is more important.
  • Most of the Realtors who participated in this survey insisted that carpets should be cleaned by a professional before listing the home and 20% homeowners surveyed agreed.

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