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Why to Choose Fort Lauderdale for a Vacation Home

Aerial View Of Waterfront Homes

As of 2017, nearly 10 million Americans reported owning a second home. And many more than that are likely considering or actively searching for houses for sale to make a second home or vacation home. If you find yourself among them, you couldn’t do much better than looking to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. And there are a broad array of Fort Lauderdale luxury waterfront homes for sale today — from condos for sale on the waterfront to new homes on the edge of the city — something for everyone, and their guests!

Why The Sunshine State?

There’s a reason more than 100 million people vacation in Florida every year: Bustling cities and vista-rich suburbs, quiet beaches rich with white sands and clear waters, and plenty of history and luxury. The real question is “Why not the Sunshine State?”

Why Fort Lauderdale?

The many Fort Lauderdale luxury waterfront homes for sale offer the very best of Florida and Fort Lauderdale. With a hip and busy downtown loaded with opportunities for shopping, nightlife, and entertainment, it’s hard to fathom that in Fort Lauderdale you are still seconds away from some of the best beaches in the world. Few places are better for swimming, diving, partying, boating or just laying back with a drink and bathing in the sun. But looking past the most immediate and gratifying considerations, Fort Lauderdale is lauded as among the very best places for investing in a property. It is growing and rich with potential.

The Big Three of Fort Lauderdale: Nightlife, Boating, and Beaches

There are three things that are ubiquitous in Fort Lauderdale, and which will be offered in abundance by all Fort Lauderdale luxury waterfront homes for sale: Nightlife, boating, and beaches.


Fort Lauderdale waterfront homes are never very far from its vital and teeming downtown, loaded with shopping, entertainment, the arts, foot traffic, and exciting walks. For the excitement of city life, few places exceed Fort Lauderdale.


Fort Lauderdale draws many to its unparalleled boating, with many neighborhoods ideally suited to getting out on the water. Deep channels are perfect for yachting, while beachfronts and canals are popular for more casual crafts.


There are countless opportunities to be both downtown proper as well as on a beach: the very best of both worlds. The higher-end Fort Lauderdale luxury waterfront homes for sale are tucked between vibrant downtowns and some of the world’s best beaches — the pinnacle of luxury — but quieter, less urban locales are plentiful as well. In either area, the white sand beaches and clear blue waters are a vacation dream and among the most popular summer destinations in the country.

Fort Lauderdale Luxury Waterfront Homes for Sale

The very best of Florida, Fort Lauderdale, and historic U.S. beaches are available and waiting for discerning summer home seekers. Contact one of our real estate agents to learn more today and find your dream vacation home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.