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8-Tips for a Successful Open House | Fort Lauderdale Real Estate

8-Tips for a Successful Open House Fort Lauderdale Real Estate


If you are driving down one of the streets or avenues of Wilton Manors, Fort Lauderdale, Oakland Park or any one of the areas of South Florida you may see one of the Henri Frank Group open houses. One of the oldest strategies that Real Estate agents use is open houses to sell condominiums, townhomes and single-family homes. Fort Lauderdale Realtors, Henri Vezie and Frank Vigliotti along with their team members, Jimmy Cunningham, Robin Passman and Dan Obrian, often schedule an open houses for their Fort Lauderdale homes for sales and Wilton Manors properties.

Here are (8) “THINGS TO DO” we use for a successful OPEN HOUSE.

(1) Choose the right time for the OPEN HOUSE. Here in South Florida, Broward County we are a coastline region. Many of our buyers are here for some beach time as well as looking at our real estate. We often times will have our open houses from 10am to 2pm. Many of the buyers will schedule late morning, early afternoon open houses to leave time to enjoy the magnificent Fort Lauderdale beaches. They will enjoy a breakfast at one of the many café spots, then off to the open houses and then the beach.


(2) Sellers must be absent from the open house. You have hired a real estate agent, now let them do their job of selling your home. Most often it doesn’t work out for the buyers and sellers to meet in advance. As the buyers are walking through the home, they want anonymity. Should the seller be lurking around, the buyers cannot speak freely with one another and feel a connection to the home. So leave the home, make a plan to go for a late breakfast, early lunch or walk with the dog(s). How about enjoying the beach yourself.


(3) Take advantage of technology to promote an old tradition works every time. The Henri Frank Group is extremely active on all social media outlets to promote our brand, promote our listings and provide real estate news to our clients. Open houses, an old tradition, we use this new technology. Advertising the open house on FACEBOOK, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn all work well for our Realtors.


(4) Using low tech is not to be ignored either. Use signage, OPEN HOUSE and FOR SALE to promote the open house is essential. Post the OPEN HOUSE signs along major roads to guide those riding around town looking for open houses, it works every time. Days ahead of the scheduled open house, use a rider on the yard sign that advertises the day and time of the open house.


(5) the right people are invited. We are inviting strangers to your home, so we make sure the right people are invited. We invite colleagues, especially the buyers agents who specialize in the area of the home. They almost always have a buyer to bring along, or they, if a good buyer agent will want to come to the open house to know more about the area that they serve. So we always invite them to the open house. We also invite all Realtors in the tri-county, Broward County, Miami-Dade County and Palm Beach County as they may have a friend or buyer that has come to them that your property is a match to the search. Here in Wilton Manors, it is niche market and many buyers who want to buy in and around Wilton Manors don’t only use agents who live and work in the area so we reach out to as many Realtors that we can.

(6) Save Paper, Save Money for more advertising.
The Henri Frank Group optimizes their advertising power to promote your home. Years back we would spend a lot of the advertising budget on paper brochures and materials. Now we have a power point presentation for those buyers and realtors who use that software. We also have disks prepared as hand-outs with the brochures and information of the property. This practice allows us to use the money usually spent at the printer on other ways to attract buyers to your home.

(7) The Neutral Environment. One of the most important guidelines that applies not only to the open house but is one that we recommend for the property from the very start of the listing process. Create an environment that is neutral. For example, family portraits and photographs, remove them. The deer or moose head, too controversial and may be offending to some perspective buyers who will be turned off to the property whereas they would have been interested.

(8) Security Conscious.  And lastly, security, that must be talked about. We are sure each person checks into the open house. Be sure pharmaceuticals are removed from the medicine chest and placed into a more private spot. Valuables should be secured. The Henri Frank Group has never had a robbery during a showing of a listing or at an open house of their listings. We pride ourselves that by taking these steps and simply making our sellers conscious of security prevents this from happening. We chaperone open house guests through the home. And if it is a larger home with two-stories or a guest house, we will have two of the Realtors from our group present at the open house.

Despite what many listing agents will say negatively about an open house, the Henri Frank Group believes they can work to sell the property. There are examples where the open house is not effective and with those homes for sale which we represent as the selling agent, we will advise the seller when we discuss the sales and marketing strategy for selling.

The Henri Frank Group has sold several listings through an open house and the reason we continue to use this means of marketing your home, if you would like us to do. Some sellers don’t want the public in their home through an open house and we respect that wish. However, there is evidence that the open house works to sell Fort Lauderdale real estate.

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