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Whether this is your first or third experience buying a home it is a serious undertaking. It requires dedication, planning, and research to find the perfect home. Is the path to homeownership stressing you out? Relax – owning a home comes with many perks, which makes the whole process worthwhile. The Henri Frank Group wants to be your partner through it all. We’re here to help make your house hunting experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. No matter the price point, we give each of our client’s million-dollar service.

There are so many factors that go into buying a home or condominium here in South Florida, which is why many find the task daunting. With our experience selling more than 500-homes and twenty years of experience, we will consult you through every step of the process.

Step One: Securing Financing

The very first step you need to take is securing financing, of course, if you are not paying cash. You will need to pre-qualify to learn what price range you can afford. You will need to figure out other finances of the transaction such as the required down-payment and closing costs. If this is the first time you are purchasing a home in South Florida, there are closing costs different than other states. It is important you have a clear understanding of all the closing costs so you are sure you will have enough cash to close on your dream house.

You will need to find a real estate agent to help you with the house hunt and secure the best offer for you and your family. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Our goal with this e-book is to provide you with guidance during this stressful, yet very exciting time. You’re on your way to achieving the American dream and choosing the Henri Frank Group, you are assured to be properly guided through every step of the way.

Step Two: The Fun Begins… House Shopping!

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful New HouseNow the fun begins! Begin by writing a list of all the things you want in your dream home. Things like a garage, one car or two cars, pool, kitchen, what type of kitchen you would like, is a large kitchen important to you or not. I think you have the idea of how to create a wish list.

We need to know the type of neighborhood or condominium building you would like. For example, is a waterfront property important to you? Are the schools important to you? If you are already familiar with the many neighborhoods that we have here in South Florida, you may already know where you want to be. If you’re not familiar, we will take you on our neighborhood tour. We get into the car and drive you through the many neighborhoods that match your wants list. Our experience will come in handy during this phase of the property search.

Once your mortgage broker has established the price point you are approved, we’ve gathered your wish list and determined the neighborhoods best for you, we go house shopping. This step is fun as we hunt through the many houses that are a match for you. This can go quickly or not. Our knowledge of the inventory available for sale is going to be important. It is our job to bring you to only those properties that are a fit for you. This is so important for a realtor as many will bring you to homes or condominiums opposite from your wants.

Once you have found the property, our knowledge of the valuation of the property you want to purchase is invaluable. This is the step an experienced and knowledgeable realtor is imperative in the buying process. Our keen negotiation skills are just as important. We are proud to have negotiated awesome deals for our clients and ensure each pay the absolute minimum for a property.

After negotiations and all parties have agreed on not only the price for the property but the terms as well, we go to the many folds it will take to get the transaction closed. You may be overwhelmed by just reading through the many steps it takes to get to homeownership. But remember, The Henri Frank Group are trained professionals who will make this process with little stress if any.

You now choose a closing agency. We strongly recommend a title and closing firm owned and operated by a Florida licensed real estate attorney. There are a number of agencies we have done closings. We will share with you the choices and you will make the choice. Once you’ve decided on an agency we submit your sales agreement to them and the title work begins.

Title work ensures you obtain a clear title to your new property. If there are any issues with the title, The Henri Frank Group will work closely with the title agent on curing the issues so we can move forward towards the closing day of your home. Yes, there are times we just cannot cure the title, but most times we have been able to do so.

We send a copy of the sales agreement to your mortgage broker so they can begin their processing of the transaction as well.

Obtaining insurance quotes for your property is an important step. Like with anything we recommend at least two quotes if not three. Insuring a South Florida home or condominium is unlike any other place in the country. Just as unique as our real estate market, the insurance is also. We are educated on the insurance policy here in the State of Florida and have a full understanding of it. We can recommend insurance agencies to obtain quotes. Each agency is known in the community and has a clear understanding. They will be able to answer all of your questions.

Inspecting the property is another step that is very important. There are many inspection companies in the industry. Not all of them are good inspectors. We have a list of inspectors who we have had years of experience and you will choose the inspection company.

In summary, we’ve negotiated a purchase agreement for you. You have obtained your financing. The title agency will furnish the title insurance. Property insurance quotes are obtained and you’ve chosen the policies you are comfortable. Any issues that may have arisen from the inspection period have been sorted out and the property is in the condition in which you are pleased. We are ready to close.

We will be sure we do the walkthrough of the property the morning before the closing. That ensures the property is in the condition you expect and all that you’ve contracted for is in its place, like the appliances, etc. Then we can go to the closing.

There are many steps to the buying process. We can assure you it is all worth it. There are so many wonderful benefits to homeownership. It is rewarding and above all, financially beneficial. It is the American dream. It is our mission here at the Henri Frank Group to make that dream come true. We intend to guide you through the entire process, A through Z to be sure it is the least stressful and with ease. We make absolutely certain you are satisfied and look forward to working with you.

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