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Community Associations Must Register | Florida Real Estate

Henri Vezie and Frank Vigliotti, founders of the Henri Frank Group

Community Associations Must Register | Florida Real Estate

Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation has recently developed a website in which Community Association Managers and Homeowners Associations are obligated to enroll. The website’s development was mandatory based on a recent bill passed in Florida. (Chapter 720, FS)


November 22, 2013 is the deadline for Community Association Management Firms, Community Association Managers, or Homeowner Associations to register for the website. Secretary of Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Ken Lawson shared how dedicated the firm has been to developing a website that gathers all mandatory information in order to keep track of the amount of homeowners associations in Florida. Lawson also shared how significant it is that organizations are conscious of the new website requirements and are mindful of the deadline as well.


There have been some major adjustments to the Homeowners Association administration throughout the 2013 Legislative Session due to the HB 7119. This new mandatory registration with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation for all Homeowners Associations and Community Association Managers is one of the most prominent changes.  


This new bill also gives the Department of Business and Professional Regulation the influence to make executive decisions regarding a community association manager’s license. This applies in respect to breaches of state law pertaining to condos, co-ops, and homeowners’ associations pledged throughout the act of carryout out required sanctioned community functions.


I am a Realtor and the co-founder of the Henri Frank Group at RE/MAX in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida, seeks to keep the BLOG updated with all types of news related to Real Estate. This piece of legislation is particularly important for our readers who own a home in Florida that has a Homeowners Association. And for their readers who reside in a Condominium in Florida.


This legislation is important as it is the beginning to steps that need to be taken to have some control over Associations in the State. We know year after year, complaints by home owners and condominium owners are growing. Legislatures and attorneys are bound legally by the Condo Law 720.FS. With this there are many times were a wrong has been committed by an Associations Board of Directors, but the law protects them. If this is a start to better control of the Associations Boards, then let’s move this forward and keep developing and implementing guidelines and Florida State law that will better protect the members of the Associations. I am sure you agree?


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