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Step Out of Your Front Door, and Sink Your Toes Into the Sand

Fort Lauderdale Beach Park At Sunset

Did you know that the city of Fort Lauderdale contains 165 miles of waterways, and the value of waterfront property actually increases after natural disasters? Even hurricanes cannot deter dreams of owning coastal property. Americans of all ages are sinking their toes into the sand, and admiring the gentle waves without leaving home. Why are Americans choosing Fort Lauderdale as the go-to destination for cheap waterfront property for sale?

Twenty-Three Miles of Atlantic Ocean

Do you get starry-eyed when you think about owning oceanfront property, or one of the many luxury condos for sale on the beach? Fort Lauderdale has plenty of ocean to offer, specifically 23 miles of it. The city itself is nestled in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, waterways, and a number of canals, earning it the nickname “Venice of America.” The region’s tropical climate, with average temperatures well over 65 degrees Fahrenheit, is perfect for swimming, boating, scuba diving, snorkeling, wind-surfing, deep sea fishing, jet skiing, and more.

Rich and Varied Culture

The city has long since moved past its reputation as a spring break destination. (In fact, Fort Lauderdale passed a series of laws in the mid 1980s intended to discourage college students and spring break partyers.) Today, apartments for sale in Fort Lauderdale are located in the midst of a rich, thriving culture. The city alone boasts a larger percent of foreign-born residents than the entire U.S. In the last couple of years, the gay population in Fort Lauderdale has increased substantially, and the city is a go-to destination for many gay and lesbian tourists.

Endless Entertainment

Fort Lauderdale real estate is located within minutes of some of the nation’s most thrilling attractions. Port Everglades, for example, is the nation’s third most popular cruise line, and ships pass through the port, heading to and from destinations all around the world. Just two years ago, in 2011 the popular cruise line catered to over 1.5 million locals and tourists. Fort Lauderdale is also the home of the famous Riverwalk Arts and Entertainment District, trailing alongside Las Olas Boulevard, offering long stretches of beach, specialty shops, restaurants, and night clubs.

With a population of 170,747 (as of the 2012 Census), miles of beautiful beaches, rich culture, and endless entertainment, it is not difficult to see why many people are seizing their dreams, and taking advantage of cheap waterfront property for sale.

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