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4 Tips For House Hunting As An LGBTQ Couple

A Gay Couple Discussing House Options On A Tablet

There are certain factors LGBTQ couples need to consider when they’re looking to buy a house that straight couples don’t need to worry about. You want to be sure the community you’re moving into isn’t discriminatory and that your real estate agents are on your side.

That said, here are a few tips to consider when you’re looking for a waterfront home and for new realtors in Fort Lauderdale.

    1. Look for LGBTQ friendly realtors. It can feel awkward dropping hints to your realtor that you’re LGBTQ while trying to gauge their reaction to see if they’re discriminatory. You can cut to the chase by openly looking for gay realtors that can help you find the houses in the communities you want.
    2. Be transparent with your questions. When it comes to finding your dream home, you want to be sure you’re asking the questions you really want to ask. Directly ask your real estate agent if the community you’re moving into is a friendly place for LGBTQ people or if there’s lots of diversity. You want to make sure you’re not just safe in your neighborhood but happy too.
    3. Walk away from houses that give you a bad feeling. It’s all too easy to ignore your gut feeling about a real estate agent or a certain area or to write off your feelings as judgmental. But it’s better to be safe than sorry if an area, property, or agent really does feel off to you.
    4. Ask around the neighborhood. Sometimes the best way to tell if an area where you’re interested in moving is LGBTQ friendly is to ask the people who live there. We’re not talking about going door-to-door, but it can help to do some research online. Ask your friends and family members, too.

Where can I find gay friendly realtors in Fort Lauderdale?


Florida is the home of 21.3 million people and the population grows by 1,000 people every day. For LGBTQ people, it can be stressful to find Fort Lauderdale real estate for sale when you’re not sure if the realtors you’re working with are gay friendly.


Henri Frank Group not only has extensive experience to find you the waterfront home you’ve been looking for but we’re also LGBTQ friendly so you can feel safe and secure in your home search. To learn more about our Fort Lauderdale waterfront homes, schedule an appointment with our realtors today.