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What Makes Florida Such A Great Place To Live?

There's a reason that 21.31 million people have chosen to live in Florida. It's a beautiful place with year-round warm weather, a bustling tourist economy, endless strips of beaches, and the most prestigious yacht and country clubs. If you are…

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Group O Three People Discussing In Front Of A Computer

The Most Common FAQs Real Estate Companies Hear

Real estate companies have heard it all, and for understandable reasons. After all, you should ask a real estate company a good amount of questions before you invest in any kind of property. Whether they're selling homes or commercial real…

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Drove View Of Luxury Oceanfront High Rises, In Sunny Isles

What You Need to Know About Owning a Second Home

According to most recent census data, roughly 6% of American households own a second property, usually within 150 miles of their primary home. However, for those thinking about owning a second home as an investment property or otherwise, here are…

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Handsome Broker Showing Something To Woman Holding In Arms Cute Daughter — Photo

5 Key Things to Consider When Hiring a Realtor

If you're thinking about purchasing a vacation property somewhere sunny near a beach, you're in good company — more than 36% of those who bought a second home for vacation purposes did exactly what you're considering. Second homes offer several…

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Luxury Waterfront Homes With A Boat Moored In The Front

3 Perks of Owning Waterfront Real Estate

If you're thinking about making an investment in waterfront real estate, you're making an exciting decision. Waterfront property can be a little bit more costly because you're investing in not only your new home or condo but also the property…

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