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Design Features to Look for in Luxury Homes

Any house for sale has a lot of competition, especially in the South Florida area. In the case of luxury homes, potential buyers expect certain features in place to consider looking at them. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, 33% of new home buyers in Florida were looking to avoid renovations and problems with plumbing or electricity, and another 33% wanted the ability to choose and customize design features. Here are some features to look for in a luxury home.

Home Office

Whether you work a hybrid job, run your own business, or work as a contractor, a designated office is a must. In addition to giving you a quiet place to work away from the rest of the family, you also see amazing tax breaks. As a potential home buyer that walks into a well-designed home office, you can feel relieved that you won’t have to build one yourself.


A place like South Florida is known for its beautiful weather and year-round sun. However, you may not feel like going outside some days. That’s why you should consider finding a home with a sunroom. A sunroom lets you relax in the comfort of your home while still experiencing beautiful views of nature and sunbathing in peace. Natural sunlight can improve your mood and provide extra vitamin D to process calcium.

Spa Bathroom

While there’s nothing like going to the spa with your friends or spouse, you no longer need to leave your home with the right luxury updates. A house for sale with elements such as a jacuzzi, steam room, rainfall showers, a deep soak tub, and a relaxing paint job will surely sell fast!


An island is often the centerpiece of any kitchen. New design trends have added bold and aesthetic islands that make any luxury house for sale stand out. One such outstanding trend involves the use of double islands. A luxury kitchen will be a showstopper with an artistically designed double island made from stone or wood, built-in seating, and more. If you love gathering the family for communal cooking or entertaining in the kitchen, look for a home with a double island.

There are so many features to look for in luxury houses for sale. Contact our local team to learn more about purchasing your new home in Florida!