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Find Out Why The Miami Real Estate Market Is Booming

Drone View Of A Cul-de-sac Canal With Moored Boats, On A Residential Area

The global pandemic slowed sales of luxury waterfront condos and single-family houses for sale in Miami for two weeks. Following those two weeks in April, the local real estate market rebounded and, now, it is stronger than ever.

Miami real estate has a ton to offer — so much so that even COVID-19 isn’t delaying homeowners’ plans. Find out what gives Miami homes their incredible value.

High-End Living

Every year, more than 100 million people visit Florida. What if you could experience the relaxation of a Florida vacation and all the perks of high-end living? Thanks to luxury condos and houses for sale in Miami, you can.

Miami is comprised of many different neighborhoods, each with its own unique feel. Coconut Grove, for example, is a bohemian chic and well-to-do neighborhood perfect for those accustomed to high-end living. HomeLight describes some of the highlights of Coconut Grove: “Boating culture is abundant here; you can find a wide range of home types, in particular, single-family homes. It is considered a great place to raise a family.” The neighborhood features tree-lined streets, vibrant vegetation, waterfront condos, conch houses, gated communities, and even houses for sale worth millions.

Similarly, Aventura boasts high-end condos and affordable new construction homes, parks and gardens, top-rated schools, and proximity to the beach.

Thanks to current events, top-rated neighborhoods are not enough. Houses themselves must be large with plenty of amenities. “Spurred by the pandemic, buyers seek a new form of home with space for an office, enclosed outdoors, exercise area, home ‘classroom’ space, playroom, and kitchen that will be used for more than breakfast as we do our gourmet dining at home rather than in a restaurant,” Miami Today writes. Buyers want houses that have it all and promise that without leaving home.

Safe, Thriving Communities

Safety is a top priority for many homeowners. People buying homes want houses in areas where they can walk, jog, and bike — all while feeling safe. They want to see kids playing in neighborhood parks and feel confident leaving decorations out on their lawn.

Luxury Miami real estate delivers on all these counts. There are plenty of gated communities as well as neighborhoods with high walkability rankings. Neighborhoods are located in walking distance to boutiques, fine restaurants, charming cafes, and ice cream shops, and it is completely safe to walk to your favorite haunts and back home again.

Just how important is safety to the average homebuyer? In a survey of homebuyers, 93% answered that safety was one of their primary concerns.

Homes That Are Ready To Live In

Significantly fewer buyers want to purchase a fixer-upper. Millennials, baby boomers, and Generation X all endeavor to buy houses that are ready to live in and do not need major renovations.

Right now, there are significant delays in production and that means there will be significant delays if homeowners wish to install new cabinets or appliances. Buyers are looking for style and utility, and do not plan to white-knuckle their way through the current renovations market.

Miami condos and houses for sale are new, modern, and ready to live in. It is entirely possible to move in and begin enjoying your home without any significant fixes or renovations.

In spite of expectations, the Miami real estate market is booming. Summer listings were at an all-time high, and millennials are buying their first and second homes.

Make your first, second, or third home a luxurious one. Choose Miami for high-end living, walkability, safety, and new homes that do not require any fixing up.