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What Makes Florida Such A Great Place To Live?

There’s a reason that 21.31 million people have chosen to live in Florida. It’s a beautiful place with year-round warm weather, a bustling tourist economy, endless strips of beaches, and the most prestigious yacht and country clubs. If you are looking for the ideal location for a waterfront home or investment property, Florida is an excellent choice for the following reasons.

Beautiful Weather Year-Round and Gorgeous Beaches

In Florida, the temperature rarely drops below 60 degrees with mild, comfortable winters. The summers are humid, but that’s what the beach is for! Florida is a place where you rarely need to turn on the central heat or wear a coat. Down here, residents wear flip-flops and cut-off shorts in January!

Can you imagine walking out your front door and hearing the waves crashing against the coastline as you feel the warm sand against your bare feet? Living on the Florida coast is like experiencing your own slice of heaven. Then again, who wouldn’t enjoy watching the sunrise and set from the balcony of their waterfront home?

A Bustling Economy

If you are interested in making money, Florida has a booming tourism industry with over 30.6 million visitors in the spring of 2020. From restaurants to hotels to tourist attractions, Florida draws both domestic and foreign visitors, which keeps the local economy booming.

Florida’s job growth continues to exceed many states and the minimum wage is scheduled to increase, giving Florida residents no shortage of job opportunities. It makes perfect sense to move to a place where it’s relatively easy to earn a living.

Entertainment, Golfing, and Boating

Florida boasts some of the most prestigious yacht and country clubs, with South Florida being a hot spot for golfers. If you enjoy heading out on the water, Florida offers both saltwater and freshwater activities and is an excellent place to go fishing.

Evening activities include dining at fine restaurants, sipping martinis, and enjoying the downtown nightlife. Of course, there are theme parks such as Disney World, Universal Studios, and Busch Gardens that usually offer discounts for Florida residents. If you have children, they’ll get to know Mickey Mouse very well.

Florida is an ideal place to purchase a waterfront home for residential or investment purposes. Between the weather, beaches, economy, and activities, you won’t regret moving to Florida.