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What’s Bringing So Many Folks to Florida?

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Florida has long been a fairly popular state, however, it has certainly grown in popularity in recent years. It’s estimated that the state’s population is currently growing by about 1,000 people per day. If you’re interested in moving to Florida, now would be the time to act. Get in touch with a local real estate agent, and you’ll find that houses and apartments (both for sale and for rent) are being snapped up by new Floridians, more and more often.

The question is, why now? What is bringing so many people to Florida, and what is increasing the attractiveness of the state? Let’s find out below.

1. Affordable Housing

Florida has long been had some of the most affordable housing in the country. As property costs rise in other parts of the country, people who have been priced out of their home states are considering Florida in turn. In Florida, you can find a spacious, high-quality home for comparatively little money.

2. Aging Up

Florida has long been popular among retirees, due to its warm weather and slower pace. Baby boomers are beginning to age as a generation, and so is Gen X. Once they retire, they will most likely move to Florida.

3. Attractions

One of the big appeals of Florida is its many recreational attractions. Theme parks are huge in Florida, especially in Orlando. The city is home to Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios. Additionally, there are plenty of gorgeous beaches along the Florida coastline, as well as amazing islands like the Florida Keys. It’s no surprise that people want to live there.

4. It’s Great For Investments

Some people are moving to Florida to invest in property there. While you can make a passive income from a distance, some want to benefit from the Florida tax laws as residents, while maintaining their properties a bit more closely, often with the help of a local real estate agent. All of the above factors make Florida appealing to renters, and you could potentially make a good income off an investment property there.

5. Job Growth

Florida is experiencing a good deal of economic growth, and this allows people to have job opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t.

While you’ll want the help of a local real estate agent when shopping for properties in Florida, there is plenty to choose from. The opportunities are virtually endless! Contact us today to see your future home!

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