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3 Red Flags to Be Aware of When Looking to Buy a House

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With Florida having a surface area of 65,755 square miles, looking at houses for sale in the sunshine state may seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, with the help of reputable Wilton Manors realtors, you’ll be able to look at several listings for new homes for sale. But what should you look for in real estate for sale? While you probably know a few elements you want to see in potential new houses, let’s explore a few red flags you should know about when looking at potential properties.


Lack of maintenance: One of the first things you should look for when viewing potential homes is how well the house has been maintained. If you see signs of poor maintenance, that’s usually a warning sign that the homeowner neglected more than just the aesthetic upkeep of the home. You should look for signs like overflowing gutters, chipping paint, and poor lawn care. And if the home is dirty or dusty, then you shouldn’t even consider the home. Proper maintenance is a sign that the home was well taken care of.


Foundation issues: The foundation is the most important part of a home so it’s crucial to pay close attention to the condition of the structure of the home. You should look for any major cracks in the walls, particularly in the basement. And you can also look at the door frames in the home — if doors are difficult to close or the door frames seem crooked, that may be a sign that the structure of the home isn’t strong. So make sure to pay attention to how strong the foundation seems to be.


Old wiring: If you buy a house with old or faulty wiring, you may soon find yourself having an expensive bill from an electrician to fix the wiring. So when you’re viewing a home, check the light switches and outlets. If there are certain circuits that don’t work or lights that flicker, those are key signs of faulty wiring. Make sure to ask the seller about any recent electrical work and problems they experience. It’s important to remember that old or faulty wiring may not just be annoying, but it could be a potential fire hazard as well.


There are a lot of warning signs to be aware of when looking at potential homes. So keep these tips in mind and ask your Wilton Manors realtors any questions you have about the homes you view.