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4 Reasons to Consider Florida Condominiums for Waterfront Property Investment

Drone View Of A South Florida Residential Tower Facing The Sea

If you’re ready to consider waterfront properties but don’t want to deal with the hassle of a house and all its regular maintenance, a condo might be the best choice for your situation. Here’s a look at four reasons why you should consider a condo as your next home in Florida.

Breathtaking Waterfront Property View

If you’re looking for a waterfront property view of the ocean, you’ll find immense value in a condo on the Florida coast. Whether you’re interested in something directly on the Atlantic Ocean, or a remarkable intracoastal waterway scape, most Fort Lauderdale condominiums are built vertically, allowing for optimal, sky-high views of the beautiful surrounding area.

Many Florida condo residents enjoy views of beaches, local main street businesses, boating attractions, fascinating weather, and more.

Built-In Community and Security Benefits

One of the best benefits of condominium ownership is the community you join when you invest in the property. Especially as a part-time resident or investor, it’s not always easy to keep up on community activities, but due to the nature of close living in condominiums, many condo communities host indoor and outdoor community activities so you can get to know your neighbors and establish and maintain friendships.

Knowing your neighbors goes a long way with trust. With more activity around your home, it’s also less likely that you’ll experience break-ins, too. While we still recommend a home security system for your condo, we recognize how comforting it can be to realize that your home isn’t isolated and surrounded by foliage–the perfect opportunity for a criminal. Instead, most condos are nearly impossible to enter by ground (considering many are on higher levels), and high traffic deters robbers as well.

Bundled-In Maintenance Cost with HOAs

Both new construction condos and existing condo properties typically take the hassle away when it comes to maintenance costs. Most condos rely on HOAs, or homeowner associations, which keep common areas well maintained. As an investment property owner, you’ll come to see that most HOAs and property management firms will bundle your costs into one monthly fee. Fees typically cover garbage disposal, general property maintenance, and administrative fees. This is an easy win if you’re looking at waterfront properties.

One big advantage of owning a second home in Florida is the availability of these types of property management services, as many Floridians are only part-time residents. Some property management services and HOAs pro-rate based upon your time in residence, as well. That said, HOA fees can be exorbitant (although convenient!), so make sure you ask us about all relevant fees when reviewing property with our real estate agents.

Accessible Waterfront Properties

For older residents, accessibility may be a consideration. Most condos are one level, in a building with an elevator, and wheelchair accessible. For younger residents looking to hold onto their investments, it’s best to be prepared for aging and medical considerations that may arise.

Condos make great long-term waterfront property investments due to their accessibility–and versatility. Owners can pass these properties down, allow their families to enjoy them in the off-season, and ensure that the property is accessible for all family members. Many condos also come with accessible bathrooms or upfront refit options as well.

If you’re ready to join the 1,000 plus people per day who become Florida residents, contact Henri Vezie, Realtor Associate. We have condos for sale on the waterfront and single family home listings to match your desire for a Florida waterfront property.