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5 Key Things to Consider When Hiring a Realtor

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If you’re thinking about purchasing a vacation property somewhere sunny near a beach, you’re in good company — more than 36% of those who bought a second home for vacation purposes did exactly what you’re considering. Second homes offer several fantastic benefits, including rental income. If you purchase the right type of property in an in-demand area, it’s possible to earn money by renting out your home when you’re not there. Even better, this strategy comes with tons of tax benefits. So, why not create a home away from home for your family and increase your income with a second home?

The first step in the journey towards vacation homeownership is finding a realtor who can help guide you through the purchasing process. Let’s delve into five things you should consider when searching for helpful realtors.

1. Focus on Finding a Realtor You Like

Finding a suitable second home can take quite a bit of time. Many people spend months riding around with their realtor and visiting homes weekend after the weekend before finding a suitable option. You’ll enjoy the process more and experience less conflict by selecting a relator whose social style matches yours.

2. Ask for Referrals

The absolute best way to select a relator is through referrals. Cast your net far and wide. Check out who’s currently listing properties in areas you’re interested in and reach out to them. When visiting areas you might want to purchase in, be proactive and ask people you meet for their list of recommended realtors.

3. Make Sure the Agent Has the Right Communications Tools

If you’re going to purchase a home in an area far from where you live, it’s critical to be able to communicate effortlessly with your real estate agent. Make sure your agent has the basic infrastructure set up to work with long-distance buyers. Many realtors specialize in working with these sorts of long-distance clients.

4. Look for an Agent With Expertise

Second-home and vacation home buyers have special needs during the real estate purchasing process. There are often specific qualities these potential buyers are seeking in a home — elements that are different from those considered by primary home buyers. Work with a real estate agent who has an understanding of your specific needs and goals to ensure you select the right property.

5. Attend Your First Meeting Prepared

Have a well-researched wish list prepared before you meet with potential realtors. Be clear on basic things, such as your budget, whether or not you’ll need a mortgage, and if you are willing to look at fixer-uppers before you start working with a realtor. Use this information as a starting point for your discussion with potential real estate agents.

As you search for potential realtors, consider these five key things. You need a communicative real estate agent who has the ability to help you find the ideal second home for your family. For those in Florida, contact Henrie Vezie today!