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3 Factors You Need to Consider Before Investing in a Second Home

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Thinking about working with a real estate agent and purchasing a second home in Florida for your annual vacations? Here’s a brief list exploring some of the main concepts you should consider before investing in your second home.


As we all probably know, location is paramount when it comes to homes of all kinds. It’s far better to understand any given area before you jump into buying property there. While the specific neighborhood you invest in is important, you should also take any larger urban centers into account. Learning about population data and employment rates can often provide some much-needed insight for new and experienced homebuyers alike. For example, take a look at some recent population data that relates to the Florida real estate market. If growth continues at roughly the same rate, by the time that the next Census is undertaken in 2020, the population will exceed 22 million and Florida’s population could potentially surpass 26 million by 2030. This type of data provides you with some much-needed insight into the future predictions of Florida’s population for years to come.

Other Real Estate in the Area

In tandem with an understanding of the area you’re looking to purchase in, you also need to learn about the larger picture of the real estate market in the area to provide a necessary context. Without this context for how other similar properties are performing in the area, you’re essentially taking shots in the dark. Sure, you may get lucky from time to time. But it’s far more preferable to understand the context of the current real estate market in any given area before you buy.

Local Real Estate Agents

In the exact same way you wouldn’t let a stranger you just met on the street work on your car, you should make sure that when you work with real estate agents, they know what they’re doing. Of course, this can be demonstrated in a few different ways. First and foremost, you should be sure that you’re working with someone who has demonstrated experience in the specific segment of the market that you’re considering investing in. Sure, there are some real estate agents who are new to the market and have some natural talents. But most of the time fresh blood is no substitute for demonstrated success and experience within any given real estate market. For example, a real estate agent who has been working with waterfront homes for sale for several years knows that there is much more to examine than the fact that the property happens to reside on a body of water. Expert real estate agents take the whole picture into account in order to help you succeed in your home purchase.

At Henri Vezie Real Estate, our team of knowledgeable real estate agents is here to make sure that you succeed in your home purchasing journey. If you’re curious to find out more information about how we can help you, then don’t hesitate to reach out and get in touch with a member of our team today!