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What Do I Need To Know About Buying A Home In 2019?

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A new year means a new housing market. In 2018, we saw a big shift with housing prices finally starting to slow down in major cities. The market in 2019 is bound to have its own changes.

That said, it’s good to have inside info on the housing market if you’re planning on investing in Fort Lauderdale waterfront real estate in these next 12 months. Here’s what you can expect and what you need to know about buying a house in 2019.

Demand is still high, but there are still great options

The high demand and low inventory of the national real estate market isn’t due to change any time soon. There are still many homebuyers interested in many of the same houses.

The good news is that this high demand doesn’t mean you don’t have a shot at getting the house of your dreams. Here are a few tips you can use to stay ahead of the game:

  • Get yourself a good realtor. It’s not a good idea to do real estate shopping on your own when there’s a lot of competition in the market. Real estate agents know their way around market you’re interested in. They also know what you’re looking for in a house so if someone does happen to snag the house you like they can help you find one that’s just as great.
  • Don’t go too low. When you’re up against the competition in the real estate market, the best thing you can do is to give your best offer. Even if the other buyer has a higher offer, that offer could fall through and you might be the next big catch on the list.
  • Ask your agent about coming-soon listings. Your real estate agent sometimes has the inside scoop on houses that will soon be placed on the market. Ask your agent about these listings to give yourself a potential leg up on the competition.

Don’t settle for anyone but the top real estate agents in Fort Lauderdale

Up to 36% of vacation home buyers choose a property in the beach area. With high demand for new properties in beach real estate, you want the top real estate agents in Fort Lauderdale on your side: the Fort Lauderdale realtors at Henri Frank Group.

To learn more about homes for sale in Fort Lauderdale or to schedule a consultation with one of our real estate agents, contact Henri Frank Group today.

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