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Why Animal Lovers Are Flocking to Florida

Three Women And White Dog On The Beach During Sunset

If you and your family love animals, consider talking to real estate companies in South Florida: more than 100 million tourists flock to Florida each year for the beautiful views, high biodiversity, gorgeous beaches, and many end up relocating to Florida permanently. Here are some of the best reasons why South Florida is a great home state for animal lovers.

National parks
South Florida houses some of the best cities for nature lovers, mostly because they’re surrounded by nature. Fort Lauderdale waterfront homes are only an hour away from the heart of the Everglades and they’re surrounded by wildlife preserves and management areas. This is a great location for bird watching or hiking on a nature trail. The Everglades host a variety of animals thanks to the tropical location, including alligators, manatees, and even panthers.

If you prefer islands, the Marquesas Islands west of Key West also host a number of national parks and nature preserves. Check out some of the Sooty Terns that only nest on islands on the equator or the Brown Noddy population on the Dry Tortuga islands. Real estate companies in South Florida are acquainted with all the best parks and beach homes, whether you’re looking for a place in Fort Lauderdale or Fort Myers.

Volunteer opportunities
Florida is home to an abundance of wildlife, both domestic and rare. Because of Florida’s high levels of biodiversity, animal or wildlife volunteer members have no shortage of animals to care for in their spare time. You can even find volunteer opportunities for your kids too.

Check out local nature centers and become a member. Whether you volunteer or not, your donation helps in the efforts to help abandoned pets and at-risk wildlife in your community. You can also help care for dogs at shelters, help rehabilitate pelicans, and even care for horses. Look into local wildlife engagement programs or seek out volunteer centers near houses for sale in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Beaches, beaches, and more beaches
Florida is a peninsula and the southern tip is a hub for coastal views and beautiful sunsets. Whether you’re into fishing, boating, or just like to visit the beach, the oceanfront condos for sale will offer a slew of new opportunities for a water enthusiast. Get to know the local aquatic species in your area and add them to a journal; count how many manatees you see within the span of a week (it might be more than you think); collect shells on the beach to make your own custom jewelry, all courtesy of the local wildlife.

South Florida offers countless benefits to local wildlife enthusiasts, whether you’re a casual trail-walker or an avid volunteer. Try talking to real estate companies in South Florida to get the inside scoop on opportunities near your future home.

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