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Why Is Fort Lauderdale a Great Place for LGBT Families?

Aerial View Of Waterfront Properties

With a surface area of 65,755 square miles, Florida has tons of businesses, shops, restaurants, and beaches that attract millions of visitors each year. But more importantly, Florida’s permanent population continues to steadily increase as well. And while many people think about retirees migrating to Florida to enjoy their years of retirement in the sunshine state, Florida is slowly but surely becoming one of the best places for the LGBT community as well.

The Fort Lauderdale area, specifically, has plenty to offer the LGBT community. In fact, the city was named the best city to retire as an LGBT person. On retirement resource SeniorAdvice’s top 20 cities for LGBT retirement, Fort Lauderdale came in first place, followed by Austin, Atlanta, Portland, and Palm Springs.

According to the website, the city has multiple city parks, beaches and resorts specifically for the gay community, and plenty of other organizations set in place to meet the needs of the LGBT community.

Within the Fort Lauderdale area, Wilton Manors ranks second in the country for per capita LGBT population. The Wilton Manors gay community is one of the most popular, with arts, entertainment, and lifestyle that is accepting of anybody and everybody.

Wilton Drive is at the heart of the LGBT community within Wilton Manors — a street that is full of over 40 LGBT-friendly businesses. Along with all of the businesses on Wilton Drive, there are tons of other organizations and businesses throughout the Wilton Manors area that make the LGBT community feel right at home.

So if you and your family are looking for Fort Lauderdale real estate in an LGBT-friendly area, you should consider looking at Wilton Manors homes for sale. As one of the most accepting areas in the country, any family will feel comfortable and safe in Fort Lauderdale.

Furthermore, choosing to work with gay realtors could prove to be beneficial. Working with someone who not only has the experience to find you a great home within your budget but also knows all about the LGBT community in the area can make the process of buying a home even easier.

So if you’re interested in living in an LGBT-friendly area with plenty of sunshine and things to do, then Fort Lauderdale real estate may be right for you.

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