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More Than Just The Beach: Why Florida Sees A Thousand New People Moving In Every Day

View Of The Sea Horizon And Palm Trees From Inside A Residential Area

Luxury apartments are out there and waiting to enhance your future by providing you everything you need and more. You have beach real estate to give you a place to kick up your feet on the weekends or smart locations near downtown to keep you in touch with local art culture. You can even figure out which community will have you feeling not just comfortable, but safe.

When it comes to having it all, Florida is the place to be. Here are five things you can expect to find when you look into Fort Lauderdale condos for sale.

Florida Is Getting Bigger By The Day

More people are moving to Florida than ever. A recent estimate revealed Florida’s population to exceed 20 million and counting. If growth continues at more or less the same rate, by the time another Census is completed in 2020 the population will be well beyond 22 million. That’s as many as 1,000 people a day! Beach area condos for sale are taking off without a hitch and more Americans are starting to become privy to the state’s unique combination of sunny weather and thriving art culture.

You Have Nearly Endless Beach To Enjoy

Here’s one of the biggest sources of appeal for people searching for luxury apartments and condos alike. Florida is all but surrounded by beautiful beach, perfect for those who love to go swimming on the weekends or have a surfing itch that always needs to be scratched. Florida boasts a surface area of over 65,000 square miles, with 35% of vacation buyers purchasing property in a beach area or beach-adjacent area. There’s nothing like endless rays to get you pumped to move somewhere fresh and new.

There Are Plenty Of Vacation Homes

Speaking of endless rays…are you considering vacation homes alongside your luxury apartments? A 2017 study revealed the number of people who stated they live in a household as well as a second home was nearly 10 million. Many of these are vacation homes and condominiums, which should give you a good idea as to what you’ll find when you start browsing the marketplace. The median price of vacation homes sold back in 2016 was around $200,000, up 4% from the year prior and the highest price yet since 2006.

Community Is Just As Important As Amenities

It’s not just whether or not your luxury apartments have a pool. It’s also the surrounding community and what it has to offer your family. Fort Lauderdale luxury homes are coveted among multiple demographics for being welcoming, safe and supportive. Gay realtors are doing a lot of work to make sure Florida remains a diverse state that boasts more than just good weather. Attracting more than 100 million visitors every year, Florida beach houses could be your new stomping grounds sooner than you think. In fact…

Apartments And Condos Are Going Fast

It’s time to make the plunge and admit your current location just isn’t cutting it. Let Florida be the location you spread your wings and find out what truly brings out the best in your life. Today over 40% of vacation home buyers are planning on using their property for either vacations or family retreats. Luxury apartments are also on the rise, fitting that nice middle ground between a high-quality home and a smart location. Figuring out which apartment is best for you means drumming up a shortlist of your needs, your wants and any other details that could change your mind, such as pets.

What are you waiting for? Your new life is calling!