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Top 10 New Construction Residential Projects in Edgewater, FL

The Edgewater area is regarded as one of the fastest growing real estate prospects with developers investing over $500 million and acquiring properties there since 2020. According to, 64% of home buyers in Florida showed great satisfaction in the home buying process. Of that group, 30% of them indicated satisfaction. Here is a look at 10 of the best new construction residential projects in Edgewater, FL.

Grupo Diana and Korner

Located on 430, Northeast 31st Street, this 32-story building contains 279 units and got a loan from Madison Realty Capital. It’s valued at $55 million.

Groupe City

The Groupe City is a subgroup of the France-based Groupe City and will be citing its first American project in Edgewater.

Two Road Development

Located on 2121 North Bayshore Drive, this is a proposed luxury condo project. The developer paid over $150 million to bulk-purchase the building.

Crescent Heights

With a $224 million construction loan from Blackstone, NEMA came into existence as a Whole Foods-anchored luxury apartment tower. This building is a 39-story building housing 588 units.

Aimco Residential Tower

This proposed 60-story building houses over 270 units and is expected to cost over $200 million for development.

Heritage Equity Partners

Located on 2140 Northeast Second Avenue, this 120-unit, 18-story rental project is designed as a game changer on a half-acreage of land.

Skylight Real Estate Partners

This outstanding new construction project from Arden Group and Panther Capital Management is located on 1836 Biscayne Boulevard and sits on one acre of land. There is a proposed 364-unit, 40-unit luxury apartment building.

Trilogy Real Estate Group

There are plans to build a mix of commercial and residential buildings at 2634 Northeast Second Avenue, 86 Northeast 27th Street, and 192 Northeast 27th Street. Over $9.8 million was paid by Trilogy Real Estate for this.

710 Edge LLC

Alex Posth, Michael Konig, Louis Birdman, and Kevin Venger are developing this residential skyscraper at 710 Northeast 29th Street in Edgewater, FL. It’s expected to house 70 units at 649 feet tall. Birdman and Venger were part of the development team of the 1000 museum condo tower in Miami.

PTM Partners and Kushner Companies at 1900 and 2000 Biscayne Boulevard

This proposed 1,300 apartment project on the Opportunity Zone site is a new construction being financed with a $127 million facility.

Florida realty groups have some exciting new construction residential projects in Edgewater, FL. If you’re interested in investing in a luxury condo in Miami yourself, contact Henri Frank Group today.