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Frank Vigliotti, Realtor, CDPE, PA
Frank Vigliotti, Realtor, CDPE, PA Henri Frank Group at REMAX Preferred

Fort Lauderdale Realtor | Real Estate Agent in Wilton Manors | Selling Your Home


As the housing market in the Fort Lauderdale real estate market, Wilton Manors housing market, Plantation and Hillsboro Shores at the Hillsboro Outlet home sales continues to improve, more listings are attracting multiple offers. After a span of record low sales and declining prices, the demand for real estate continues to rise while the supply continues to fall.

Fort Lauderdale Realtors, Henri Vezie, CDPE, PA and Frank Vigliotti, CDPE, PA, co-founders of the Henri Frank Group brokered by Remax Preferred franchise since 1999 have been selling homes in Fort Lauderdale, condominiums in downtown Fort Lauderdale, single family homes in Wilton Manors, condominiums in Wilton Manors, commercial and residential properties in South Florida. Multiple offers on any property that is priced to the current market value, whether it a foreclosure home in Fort Lauderdale, short sale condominium in Wilton Manors or any property in South Florida, there will be an offer and most likely a mutliple offer scenario.



Many sellers have been noticing multiple offers based on the lack of inventory alone but there are also some preparations that sellers can make to increase the buyers received for their properties.

One piece of advice that sellers are recommended to follow is to list the home as low as possible. This is a common method used to attract multiple offers and is commonly referred to as “drama pricing”.

Frank Vigliotti from the Henri Frank Group from Remax Preferred was recently told by the lender to list a home in Fort Lauderdale that had a damaged roof along with other issues for only $78,000. This home was listed at a steal compared to the $100,000 that similar homes in the area were receiving. “My phone wouldn’t stop ringing after listing the property which proves that the drama pricing strategy does work.” This listing attracted over a dozen of potential buyers in the first day. When sellers list their homes at the lowest value possible for the home, this gives buyers the sense that they are receiving a good deal and  will essential attract more buyers.

The next tip for sellers looking to attract multiple offers is to invest in inspections and a lien search. Although inspections and lien searches are often taken care of by the homebuyer, handling these issues in advance will influence buyers by showing them that house is in great condition and speed up the sales process. Henri Vezie stated, “by handling these tasks will help buyers to clearly understand what they’re investing in and in turn attract numerous offers”.

It’s also recommended that sellers provide owner-financing options which is only possible if the seller owns the property. This option is highly recommended for condominium and/or townhome sales since there are less government financing options accessible. Lenders in the South Florida region of the USA are looking closely at financing condominiums and townhome communities and the Condominium Association. Seller financing also boosts the net gain for the seller. “Right now we have a list of seller financing on both our residential and commercial listings in South Florida”.

Removing your personal items is a great way for potential buyers to get the full effect of the home. Before showing your property, remove all personal items such as books, office stationery and any other items that take up space within the property.  Potential home buyers only see this home once which is why all visual aspects of the home should be considered. Many sellers don’t understand how much the look and smell of the home has an influence on the first impression of buyers.

Any pet or smoking odors should be handled accordingly before showing the home. A fresh coat of paint is affordable and also goes a long way when attempting to sell a home. Seek bright colors and make sure that the home or condo is well lit in all areas of the home. Avoid giving the impression of faulty lighting by making sure that all outlets function properly and that all units have light bulbs.

Make sure that the landscaping of the property is well maintained by cutting the lawn, trimming hedges, adding flowers. This will help to give the potential buyers a good impression of the home they may own and reduce the amount of work they’ll have to do if they decide to invest in the property.

Any aspect of the property that seems like it hasn’t been properly maintained will give the potential buyers the sense that the current owners didn’t take care of the property. This may lead to less interested buyers or offers less than the original asking prices. These are just a few of the factors sellers should consider when looking to attract multiple offers on a property for sale.

Henri Frank Group at REMAX Preferred
Henri Vezie & Frank Vigliotti, Wilton Manors Realtors

To further discuss the Florida real estate market contact the Henri Frank Group at Remax Preferred. With offices in Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors, Plantation and Hillsboro Shores at the Hillsboro Outlet, the Group is available 7-days a week to meet with you. We can present our 100-step strategy to SOLD, which captures every detail to get your property in South Florida SOLD quickly and efficiently. To get more information visit the website at or any of the social media websites.

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