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Real Estate News – South Florida Everglades Gets Political




Miami Ft Lauderdale Western Broward County

Real Estate News – South Florida Everglades Gets Political

by Frank Vigliotti, Realtor                      

written on October 20, 2013



The Everglades, one of the largest natural resources of South Florida located in western Broward County. This is one of the most severe National projects that need immediate attention and support from the local, State and National government. The good news, Republican Governor Rick Scott and Democratic President Barack Obama are working together to address the needs of the Everglades.


I wanted to bring my readers this news as it effects the Fort Lauderdale real estate and the entire South Florida real estate. For those of you who do not live in our area but considering relocation, becoming familiar with the Florida politics of 2013 is important. Bringing these news stories to you through the Henri Frank Group RE/MAX blog will get you better acquainted. Any questions or comments, please leave them at the end of this article or email me directly at


Here is the issue at hand. The influx of water overflow from Lake Okeechobee has provoked critical destruction to the Everglades which has attracted the attention of Governor Rick Scott. The damage from the overflow is so severe that governor has asked for President Obama to fly out to Florida and examine the Everglades himself. The White House has now openly expressed their ongoing assistance with the state of Florida with the efforts of reconstructing the Everglades.


An email written by a representative from the White House shared that President Barrack Obama is dedicated to the joint commitment with the state in reestablishing Florida’s Everglades. The rehabilitation of Florida’s Everglades is now classified in the top five urgent environmental concerns nationally.


The Herbert Hoover Dike was also mentioned in the list of national environmental priorities. This vulnerable ecosystem located in the southern region of Lake Okeechobee, Florida has a foundation composed of the mostly dirt. This region has been overloaded with water recently and has reached a point in which it cannot take on any more water. Water has been discharged into the St. Lucie Canal and the Caloosahatchee River by the Army Corp of Engineers in efforts to counteract the excess amount of pressure.


The Herbert Hoover Dike also serves as a dam so engineers have the idea of fortifying it in efforts to increase southern water flow. This will replace the act of pumping water in the canal and river and lower the amount of damage caused by the excess water. Many residents and local industries have been affected by surplus of fresh water flow. There are four U.S. Army Corps of Engineers initiatives that are projected to assist in lowering the overflow from lakes that must be commended by congress before moving forward.


Governor Rick Scott reportedly has recently written a letter to President Obama asking him to personally tour Lake Okeechobee in efforts to validate the protests regarding how the excess lake releases have negative effects on the overall vigor of waterways throughout the entire state.


Congress representatives held a briefing on October 3rd, 2013 in Washington regarding the significance of the fresh water discharges. Panelists who participated in this briefing included Patrick Murphy, Joe Negron, Trey Radel, Matt Caldwell, Herschel Vineyard, and Lehigh Acres.


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